The yeswetrust project was established by Stefan Kanalga after laying the foundation for his professional career with his business education and after many years of consulting for clients within the financial services sector.

After a turningpoint in his life, he asked himself:
what is my vocation?
how do I achieve a conscious and fulfilled life?
How do we accelerate the way to a sustainable future?
Which technical possibilities are available to us today?
What do I leave behind my descendants and the human future?

The answer is: yeswetrust

The firm offers sustainable products, services, and meet-up points through the eco-system. It makes use of the blockchain technology network to guarantee transparency of money transfer and investment in projects of supported organizations with the distribution of Trustcoin.
The primary aim of establishing this project is to inspire people to sharpen their future actively, to move together and make a positive impact, to create a community where people can be encouraged and inspired, to come together as one, to work towards achieving a positive change from self-destruction to self-realization and to build bridges through transparency and trust.

The Mission includes the following
• To help people live a conscious and healthy life.
• To support and encourage people to live a life of fulfillment.
• To plan and realize long-term projects.
• To make the world a better place through sustainable energy.
• To facilitate startups for health, technology, and sustainability.
• To guide people towards a sustainable future through a system partly based on blockchain technology.

The Company Icon yeswetrust stand for the following

With the ‘gamification’ concept which has been trending for many years in the shopping world, consumers are given a discount and bonus points for it. Is it possible to use the same concept to create more fun, offer more reward opportunities, live healthier and make a positive impact in our environment.
yeswetrust say:

WE In Switzerland, there is a voting system which offers the people the right to change and influence the legal system.
The yeswetrust project aims to create a community of people from all areas of the world, irrespective of religious and color, to come together, reason together and bring a positive change to the world.

Trust is not given, rather it is earned, and this is why it is a scarce resource in the world. People are divided into skin color, religion, and nations. With this project, the bridges and differences will be mend.The structure of the yeswetrust project is divided into three parts which are:
yeswetrust-App The App has 3 Main Areas:
Me: These are tools that will be provided to benefits an individual’s physical health, needs, and state of mind. Users become rewarded with Trustcoins for a healthy lifestyle Community: Learningplatform, Motivationsplatform, Meetpoint.
Shop: Products from Health, Sustainability and Technology. Earned coins can be used in the Shop to profit from discounts.

yeswetrust-ORG is a Swiss organization that stands for tolerance, sustainability and community.
Startups yeswetrust supports and funds sustainable startups After being assessed by the community some projects are elected for potential investments and supported by the company. The company aims to support the most promising ideas in a financial way and provide them with helpful business knowledge.

In dependence to the established online environment we will focus on providing free coworkspace and meetpoints all over the planet to our premium users. The main goal of the company will be to provide workspace throughout the world where the digitally created workforces can meet, learn to know each other and start working on their projects.

Trustshare: Security token offering of Trustshares (YWT) Use of Token: The issued ERC23 Token Trustshare (YWT) will be used mainly as security token representing the asset value of yeswetrust AG.
Furthermore, holders of YWT are able to actively participate in decision -making regarding investments of the company and therefore can influence the strategy of yeswetrust AG significantly.
To ensure a fair decisionmaking in the ecosystem of yeswetrust, YWT owners will be able to access a decentralized voting platform within the published application. The following usecases are planned to endorse growth of value and usage of YWT:
•Right of decision making for investments of yeswetrust AG
•Distribution of profits of yeswetrust AG to YWT owners Trustcoins: The issued ERC23 Token Trustcoin (YWTc) will be used mainly as payment token for incentives or purchases within the yeswetrust network. Active users in the ecosystem of yeswetrust will be paid with YWTc for a sustainable lifestyle or for selling knowledge and goods over the platform. The following usecases are planned to endorse growth of value and usage of YWTc:
•Payment in Shop, E-Learning and other

In App Purchases
•Dividend payout for YWT holder
•Acceptance and discount in partner shops and Trustpoints

Some of the firm’s blockchain partners include the following Blockstein, Swisscom Blockchain, Almora

Stefan Kanalga: Founder & CEO


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