The Xriba protocol aims to bring transparency to corporate cash flows through its unique use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is a set of accounting applications and toolsets that aims to address the ambiguity that exists when evaluating cryptocurrency institutions.

The ultimate aim of Xriba is to create a transparent and accountable framework for all the stakeholders involved in cryptocurrency ranging from investors to supporters and even the open market in general.

The Xriba protocol records financial transactions on a public decentralized ledger using an open accounting protocol and the idea behind blockchain. This is not just a revolutionary idea for blockchain and cryptocurrency but also in the world of accounting and finance. It creates a universal bookkeeping language that aligns with that the accounting and finance norms in every country across the world.

Created by the Digital Asset Alliance, it represents a revolution within a revolution with the aim of ensuring that token sales are transparent and better recorded. By recording bookkeeping activities directly onto blockchain, it is leveraging this innovative technology to increase the transparency of the process.

The long-term benefits of using this protocol are that it can make your company more trustworthy with the knowledge that the company is not just interested in transparency and accountability but also taking the necessary steps to ensure this in its transactions.

The unique information for the Xriba ICO are:

Token Name: Xriba

Token Symbol: XRA

Token Price: 0.30 USD

Circulating Supply at Launch: 148,000,000

Originating Country: UK

Restricted Areas: USA and China

Soft Cap: US $8,000,000

Hard Cap: US $19,465,500

Total Supply Available: 275,000,000

This product has received top expert ratings and reviews and is believed to be a good investment that addresses the top needs of the ICO system.

The team behind Xriba is made up of a group of competent experts with Gianluca Massini Rosatiplaying the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is a multi-talented individual who is a renowned business angel investor with a specialty in the areas of taxes, data entry and company accounts. He is also a well-known serial entrepreneur and bestselling author. Having founded more than 20 companies in 5 countries including one of the five biggest accountancy firms in Italy, he has the impressive business acumen, has more than 10,000 active clients in the last two years and has employed over 150 staff.

The Xriba team is relatively large including other members such as James Noble, the Chief Technical Officer; Federico Pacilli, the Chief Experience Officer; Antonio Di Casoli, Quantitative Trader Specialist; Claudio Tesoriero, Blockchain Developer; Andrea Tortorella, Senior Developer; Clarissa Saccenti, the Chief Operating Officer. There are a number of Community Managers alongside a Digital Marketing Specialist, Market Developer, Chief Marketing Officer, Public and Media Relations officer, and more.

This product is establishing a new standard for financial integrity, continuity, and accountability when using blockchain technology in financial transactions. It allows for third-party applications to further develop and adapt the technology to their needs and uses.

Xriba is a founding member of the TokenCheck foundation based on its unshakeable belief in financial transparency and accountability. There are two bookkeeping applications alongside a smartphone application that can be used both in traditional and cryptocurrency businesses. It can serve as a fiat or authorization mechanism in cryptocurrency gateway payments.

You can get more information on Xriba from the website, check out the whitepaper or light paper. You can also download the media kit.

For a more personal touch, join the Xriba Telegram Group here. You can catch up with other social media channels too.

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