Did you have problems with freelance works payment? WONO is the answer. WONO is a decentralized P2P platform form exchanging property and services. WONO is cryptocurrency based on Ethereum value and the interplanetary file system (IPFS) where users interact without needing an intermediary.

Sharing economy model
The platform it’s sharing economy based. The sharing economy it’s composed by a variety of services accommodations:
– Accommodation;
– Transportation;
– Services;
– Finance;
– Goods;
– Software and digital entertainment.

WONO aspire to be an unicorn?
WONO was inspired by the home-exchange concept. Airbnb it’s the icon of sharing economy and it’s criticized with Uber. The principal pressure points are:
– intermediation fee and less trust between hosts and guests;
– The boom of sharing economy after the 2008 has bring different important companies at the success;
– Technology: large scale sharing community exist only when they are based on Web and mobile technologies since they provide high-speed contacts between members and demand-supply balancing;
– Ecological problems: the sharing economy is part of the sustainable consumption concept
– Economy treats: many expert predict a new global recession in the future.

In IPFS they trust
WONO offers the environment for hire and rental tangible and invisible assets, as well as ordering and performing services based blockchain and the IPFS. The platform works between two constant:
– Minimal transaction cost;
– Regardless of location.

Killer features
WONO in one word is a bridge that connects community and the real world. It allows consumers to use cryptocurrency for physical asset rentals and hiring of freelancers. The platform is focused on:
– Space sharing: we combine P2P rentals with the home swapping concept;
– Transportation sharing: WONO uses the Turo/Getaround model where a person can rent out or hire a vehicle for any desired duration;
– Miscellaneous asset sharing: Users can hire or rent out any asset in their possession;
– Service sharing: We combine the Freelancer/Upwork model for remote jobs and TaskRabbit for micro jobs.

Blockchain as guarantee users
The blockchain’s at the first position in WONO developing, chain technology it’s used as guarantee function inside the platform, in particular for users that decide to meet themselves upon the platform and conclude the business agreement. The marketplace’s aim is the WONO token which serves for the following:
– All P2P payments on the platform as an internal currency;
– Transaction security as a reserve;
– Crowd insurance and crowd arbitrage.



Aleander Esaulov – CEO & Founder

Andrey Chepelev – COO

German Solodov – CMO


Giorgio Chiriatti

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