When we talk about blockchain we refer to bitcoins essential technology. Blockchain, as it is known, promotes the exchange of data without the aid of a trusted go-between or intermediary. Thus, there was for the first time ever an internet of great value. Over time blockchain has gained impressive grounds. Startups for example that are Blockchain based have been responsible for fundraising that is associated with initial coin offerings (ICO). This along with several other factors has made the Blockchain technology simply indispensable. There is however much more to be unraveled concerning Blockchain in the future. This article discusses what the future holds for Blockchain.
Blockchain technologies are likely to take over finance. This is due to the foreseeable turn around in global banking. It will be triggered by a traceable currency of worldwide standing which possesses an effective infrastructure that will, in turn, reduce the cost for the benefit of market participants. There is also a possible adoption of Blockchain technologies by the central bank. This adoption would enable secured currencies that are cryptographic to be used to a great degree.
Furthermore, Nasdaq plans to set up technology based solely on a digital ledger and enabled by Blockchain. It will be brought to the scene by its platform that is private market restricted. This arrival would be used to further the expansion and enhancement of capabilities bothering on equity management.
Firmly established companies, the majority of which would have thriving projects are likely to throw their weights behind early startups that are founded on Blockchain and would together join in the fundraising associated with ICO. According to Mihai Ivascu, CEO of Modex which is a platform that is blockchain-based, this space needs to be clearly regulated. This is due to the fact that major ICOs who are investing a lot into these projects are being frustrated by the unwarranted actions of the cowboys. He stated that this is the major inspiration behind the creation of a trade organization for Initial Coin Offerings and forces would be joined for the protection of contributors to space.
Summarily, the future of blockchain cuts across several spheres such as banks, crime, industries, control, and government. Blockchain can potentially trigger the reduction of cyber risks by launching authentications for identity via the aid of a ledger capable of being seen.

Marco Barchetti

What the Future Holds for Blockchain
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