Trade finance and business banking
The first problem in a baking structure is the trust between actors. Here we are, We.Trade creates the just environment for healthy banking information with a blockchain based system. develops a playground able to improve trade market. We.Trade is the solution for many banks and companies that commercialize international services.

We.Trade features
We-trade helps buyers and sellers to improve their business with super adaptive structure, in particular here main features:
– identification of unknown counterparts
– Real-time trade settlement enabled by one platform for all parties
– An efficient digital one-stop accessible by all parties of the trade
– Bank payment undertaking counter-party risk transferred to a bank
– Event-based automatic payment triggers through smart contracts
– Track and trace for over 426 couriers
– Bank payment undertaking financing

Platform pros
Your business is destinate to have a huge growth in trading terms and trust above all.
The trading marketplace is suffered from risky phases as seller credibility because buyers make very onerous orders and the seller doesn’t fulfill his duties. We-trade helps buy-off phase.
Bank will take over the counterparty risk to make safer the business between buyer and seller.
The time in trading is the keyword because in analogical business the worst problem is timing, we-trade digitalizes the trading process, making a better timing business.

Blockchain as core business platform
Blockchain attends to make a successful platform, info is based in safe structure and sealed by secure block. In this way, any seller and buyer info can be changed. Smart-contracts are the best way to make a safe business, we-trade works and operate with smart protocols.
The digital environment helps to expand your business, giving an access to the global market.

Transparency at the first place
Commercial contact is surrounded by trust and rating structure and we-trust brings transparency along the trade process, identifying all parties.
A negative aspect of the trade finance is the huge paper quantity required for the business conclusion. The platform doesn’t need a multitude of documents because all of the papers are placed in digital.

Giorgio Chiriatti

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