The cryptocurrency market is at an impressive height at the moment, being worth billions of dollars and it keeps on growing. Despite that the uneven distribution of wealth and power in the crypto space is unfair, a set of cryptocurrency elites (1%) own more power and make more off the market while a larger percentage (99%) has to contend with a slower growth rate. Unitedcoin solves that by making simplified cryptocurrency for the larger percentage of the masses.
About Unitedcoin

Unitedcoin is a cryptocurrency that is developed from a desire to be a cryptocurrency for everyone by filling the market gap of the 1% very wealthy crypto investors and the 99% other investors and how they are doing it is by making crypto investments and reward less complicated to the masses through simplicity and education. The cryptocurrency idea is put by a group competent and enthusiastic team that believes in cryptocurrency and its place in the future as well as an opportunity for everyone to be able to participate rather than what we have existing.

Unitedcoin team is made up of the following competent individuals. Derek Jones a crypto enthusiast is the chief financial officer in the team and he has experiences with, mining and entrepreneurship since 2013. Hassan Lahlou the chief investment officer of the team has prior experience working as a trader for the top-rated bank in Morocco. Ghita El Kasri is the chief operating officer in the team with a predated experience working as an investment banker at IBM for projects including blockchain POC. Ghali El Kasri an engineer and blockchain architect is the chief technology officer in the team, leading a team of 11 engineers and coders. Sergio Yanez is the head of the department, he is a software engineer that specializes in mobile development and has worked with React Native, Android and Java Back End. Joaquin Soto is the marketing manager of the team; he has over a decade of marketing experience with prominent international brands and is a consultant at heart. Joel Rangel the chief of multimedia, has an experience leading major multimedia projects with big brands in the past. Philip Stoten is the marketing director in the team, he is a highly published writer with technological and is considered a technological expert in different areas including smart factory supply chain. Jorge Gomez a rock star with a thing for achieving excellence through meaningful design is the head of design at the team. Kelvin Tan is a software developer that specialises and is experienced with blockchain is the blockchain developer of the team. Alejandra Vazquez with an experience in marketing, business trades and large customer service as well as Scrum product owner is the project manager of the team. Onthia Consulting a reputable financial law firm is in charge of being the fintech lawyer.
The process of the realization of this dream put together by the team is scheduled to follow a string plans and maker all listed in the cryptocurrency roadmap.
How it works and how to participate

Unitedcoin by being a cryptocurrency is a secure and decentralizes cryptocurrency that highly scalable unlike older cryptocurrency because it works with a membership and financial system that gets better with more people. Older cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have experienced a backlog of transactions as a result of the crowd making it inefficient, with Unitedcoin the more people added on the membership board the more rewards they get from the monthly reward system and the more they are to verify transactions.

The system eliminates the need for creation of forks or one of over expensive mining charges because on Unitedcoin mining is an automated process done using the processor of miners devices when they are connected and this determines how much rewards they receive, the amount received as reward is designed to increase with each milestone and new member brought in.
Unitedcoin platform work with digital tokens called UNIT, which is required as a medium of payment when transacting on the platform. Acquiring UNIT tokens is done by registering on the platform as a member and paying a sum, which is converted to UNITs in your account and is used for transactions and can be traded on the exchange. Units are a store of investments and can be spent/withdrawn at any time through a debit card that is issued to make transactions mobile and usable everywhere and at any time. Unit tokens are available for purchase on the scheduled ICO also is an early membership offering in the IMO all of which come with their discounts and benefits.
In conclusion, cryptocurrency needs a balance so that it will not just be available but also possible for investors everywhere to be able to earn and accumulate value without a bias, making earning with crypto simpler and that is what Unitedcoin is; a cryptocurrency for everybody.

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