How about an ICO platform that is meant for other ICOs? This is exactly what Track ICO is about. Track ICO is a blockchain powered and decentralized initial coin offering platform, although not in the conventional way that everybody sees ICO platforms. Track ICO is different from other ICO platforms in the sense that it is actually a platform that is meant to serve the purpose of promoting other ICOs. The platform does not offer initial coin offerings per se, rather it points investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market to the right and perfect directions where they will get the best initial coin offerings and also teach them everything they need to know about the coin offerings and the platforms offering them. The Track ICO platform does not just stop at listing ongoing initial coin offerings, it makes sure that only the best and most reliable ICOs which are verified not to be fraud is selected on its listings such that investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market find it very much easier to get access to the most reliable and profiting initial coin offerings in the market of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. The ICO platform also plays a huge role in promoting and advertising new reliable initial coin offerings by searching out these coin offerings and publishing them on its platform. By so doing, Track ICO raises more awareness for such initial coin offerings that have been listed in its platform. The ICO also features a weekly review of the best initial coin offerings on its platform to help investors get more in-depth knowledge of the ICO, plus it publishes these reviews on its social media platforms.

What Is ICO
Even though the word ICO might not be new to the ears of many, a lot still do not really understand what it stands for. So, it is quite important that we have a discussion on what ICO means in order to get a better view of what Track ICO is really about. ICO in cryptocurrency simply implies Initial Coin Offering which is a type of crowdfunding that makes use of cryptocurrency with the target of creating awareness for a new crypto currency and also raising capitals that are exposed to scams and/or security law violations. It can also be defined to be a means of crowdfunding that is achieved by releasing a new token or cryptocurrency with the intention of funding project development with it.
As it stands today, not less than a thousand coins are available on different exchanges and hundreds more are yet to be listed as coins but are yet in the process. It is very crucial however to take note that not all the cryptocurrencies available posses their own blockchains as some are being issued on top of another blockchain. An example is the ERC-20 tokens. With all these coins available and providing initially coin offerings, investors might find it quite difficult and confusing to choose the best of them and as such, the need for a mechanism or platform or just anything that will help investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market to reduce the stress involved in finding a good, reliable and profitable ICO is borne. This is exactly why the Track ICO platform was developed, to list the best and most reliable ICOs out of the so many ICOs in the cryptocurrency market.

The Purpose Of ICO
The primary reason why currency developers give initial coin offering (ICO) is to raise a level of awareness for their new currency. A lot of currency developers in the industry makes use of initial coin offering to raise awareness for their newly developed currencies in the market and many times, this proves to be quite a good and effective strategy. ICO is also used for the purpose of raising tokens which are prone or might likely be exposed to security law violations, especially scam. It also Is very effective when used for the purpose of funding project developments in the market of cryptocurrencies. A few currency developers also make use of ICO as a means for exchange of different currencies.
Track ICO’s Mission
In a time where there are just too many currencies in the market of digital currency both the good, the bad and the ugly, and almost all of them is trying to promote their coin with a majority of them giving out initial coin offerings, one should note that not all these currencies and their coin offerings are trustworthy as some are existing not with the aim of involving in the regular cryptocurrency transactions but have a totally different goal of swindling and duping unsuspecting investors and marketers in the market. This is why Track ICO has taken it upon itself to reduce the chances of these fraudulent activities from happening by helping investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market to research and report the best and most reliable ICOs in the market such that the difficult task of finding initial coin offerings is reduced for the investors. The mission of Track ICO is to provide very reliable information about the best initial coin offerings in the cryptocurrency market which customers and investors in the market can bank on to make very valid decisions. Which they definitely will not regret.

Track ICO’s Vision
Track ICO has a vision of being the leading ICO research platform in the cryptocurrency market. Recently, the platform is among the best of such platforms in the market but it has a vision of not being one of the best, but being the best. It also has the vision of helping to drastically reduce the chances of frauds and scams happening in the cryptocurrency market by providing information about only the best and most reliable ICOs in the market which investors can base their decisions on and by so doing improving the security of cryptocurrency market.

Some Features Offered By The Track ICO Platform
ICO Markets: This feature in the platform allows investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market to get sufficient information about initial coin offerings market data which includes current price, market caps, volume and available supply of variously available cryptocurrency initial coin offerings.
Trending ICOs: this feature in the Track ICO platform provides information about the ICOs that are trending and getting the most attention in the cryptocurrency world at any point in time to investors and marketers in the market as well as anybody who wishes to get such information.
ICO Calendar: the Track ICO calendar feature helps to keep investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market up to date on initial coin offering events. By showing the information about upcoming token sales and ICOs. It just is like the normal date calendar, but this time around, it shows information about tokens and ICOs instead of days and dates.
Exchanges: this feature in the platform is among the list of exchanges that helps investors and marketers to keep a tab on exchanges trading data in the market like highs and lows, 24 hours changes, volume and latest prices of coins. This allows for easy buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and other types of digital Currencies /assets.
Premium ICO Status: This feature in the platform is meant for the ICOs. It allows the ICOs an opportunity to stand out in the platform and as such attract more investors for its self. To achieve this, ICOs listed in the platform have to upgrade to Track ICO premium.
Events: this feature in the platform allows investors and marketers to get reliable information about upcoming cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences and other events that are taking place all around the world at any point in time.

ICO Services
This feature in the platform allows investors and marketers or any other person who wishes to know to get information about ICO agencies who offer development, design, marketing and many other ICO services such as to easily team up with them in order for a successful launch of their own projects.
The Track ICO platform is divided into segments, amongst which are: the pre-sale segment, the ongoing segment and the upcoming segment which all points to the timing of initial coin offerings, making it easy for people to find and follow these ICOs. Some of the ICOs that have been listed on the platform are FTEC, Streamity, Carbneum , Wemark, etc.
The presence of the Track ICO platform in the cryptocurrency market is already causing a revolution in the industry as the burdensome task of searching around for initial coin offerings have been drastically reduced for stakeholders in the industry. Now, all investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market have to do is go to the Track ICO platform and get enough reliable information on ongoing and upcoming initial coin offerings which will help them to make valid decisions.

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