Everything you need to know when you need to know it about cryptocurrency, blockchain based platforms, and the best ICO to follow, invest and make a good profit. Hear it first from the following companies. The below are some of the best ICO trackers on the crypto space that are transforming the way ICOs by providing the necessary information concerning any ICO. These platforms do not only provide information for commodities and other non-blockchain based projects.

What is rated in an ICO?
No matter how viable an ICO is in the market; certain information is needed to back its sustainability in the crypto space. Although these ratings do not necessarily indicate the success of the project tomorrow, they give the investors a better chance of knowing where their monies are and the calculated risks involved in such a volatile market like digital currency. Some parameters to watch out for in any new ICOs are:
The Team: this is very important. The team of the project determined the credibility of the project. The team should be credited with background history check on LinkedIn or any other social media platform.
The Whitepaper: we all know what the whitepaper is- a detailed account including the technical analysis of the projects. A good whitepaper should is well published and should answer the questions such as the reason, purpose, vision, mission, and storyline of the project in question.
The coin: this is a breakdown of the characteristics of the coin. Can it be mined, what are the limitation of the coin, the market cap etc
The Roadmap: every project must have what it aims to achieve, the starting point and a proposed finishing point.
The Legal Part: cryptocurrency is a huge project involving monies running into millions of dollars and consumer and investors rights should be protected by law regardless of the project viability. Although the legal aspect of cryptocurrency and ICOs are not very credible, they are very important to any ICO that is ready to penetrate the market.
The use: the practicality of the project and its application in real time is a must for any project. How easy it is for users to access, trade, liquidate and the value when sold should be analyzed. The project MVP is also analyzed and this consists of the concept, any initial tests, the alpha and beta launch, and any fully working module on the products in the market.
Communication Channel: an effective and efficient customer service center that can be reached at all hours to fully answer the client’s questions and erase all doubt concerning the project is a vital criterion for any incoming ICO.

Benefits of ICO Ratings
The crowd raising for ICO projects are the faster ways to raise money for any business, however, with hundreds of ICOs flooding the market daily and dubious people using the platform to scam and fraud people of their hard earned sweat. A good analysis of the ICO will give the project the required credibility and assure investors of its viability.
This is a platform that announces new ICO – blockchain bases or not to the world and supplies investors with in-depth detailed information about the ICO to enable a wise investment. Foundico has proven effective in providing the right information, advance protection ways and easier and comfortable data uploading systems. Currently, has over 300 ICO projects on English, Chinese, and Russian languages.
How it works
When you log in to the website, you will see all the new ICO listed on the front page that is currently taking place or about to take place in the market. Each company’s ICO information is given in details such as how far the project has gone the start and finish date of the ICO, and a general overview of the project. To get any information about the ICO, click on the “more” button and read it through it. categorizes the ICO into finance, health, social network, computing, adult, and gambling.
As hundreds of ICO are listed on this site, companies have the opportunity to pay for a sponsored listing that put the ICO on the top of the list. So, if you have a new ICO or performing a crowd rising; then the is your best bet to get noticed.

Puts all the cryptocurrency prices in one place for your viewing. As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency slowly creeps into our life and daily affairs. mission is to provide users with a quantitative expansion with value recognition of the ICO. On the website, indicators and information related to the particular ICO provide to give users all the information in one place. also provides cryptocurrency pairing mostly with Bitcoin daily on its page. list over 25 currencies on its platform and through its API is planning to add other cryptocurrencies like ethereum, and DASH. The website extracts the current market indexes from exchanges around the globe and puts them on the page. This gives users real-time information on how cryptocurrencies pairs with fiat currency too.
How does it work?

It maintains a high-performance crawler allowing it to gather live tickers from over 80 exchanges around the world. Users are sure to get all the information needed about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on an easy to use and understand the platform.
It is a privately own company that was founded in 2017 in Pittsburg as a trusted platform for the discovery of new and upcoming projects. They deal in the blockchain, initial coin offering, token sales, crowdsale, crowdfunding, artificial intelligence, EOS, SMEs, startups, security token offering, ICO, STO, and cryptocurrencies like ethereum and Bitcoin. For investors searching for the right platform that covers all the information about a new project and keep track of it, then is the best place to be. The platform maintains a very comprehensive list of the latest active and upcoming initial coin offering, crowd sale or pre-sale and any events surrounding the project. The platform currently, serves over 1 million users with email notifications sent out to notify all our loyal followers on any new project or an update on an existing platform. In addition, also publishes an in-depth analysis of daily initial coin offering reports with insights and interview with comprehensive reviews on the biggest funders and projects in the blockchain space. They also have a weekly podcast that allows users to ask questions regarding any ICO boss in town.
This is a profit based blockchain company that is supplying information on currently ongoing ICO to help investors and buyers buy into trustworthy ICOs and projects to maximize profits. Information listed includes ICOs, top-rated ICOs, and upcoming ICOs, events regarding the ICO or project, and the risk of investing in the ICO. We provide detailed information not only for ICOs but for other established businesses such as cars, commodities, and Bitcoin. New projects are can also have their new ICO on our platform for their crowd raising, presale or public sales of the project.

How to use
To list your ICO on is a very simple method and free for all new projects to showcase their works on the platform; for any new project to be listed on, the project should:
• Verify its team members and board of investors, partners and have a clear and detail published paper on the ICO.
• Provide as much information as possible for potential investors and buyers to increase your chances in the crypto market.
• Verified projects and ICOs should include product details, features, business structure, roadmaps and milestone, a comprehensive white paper well analyzed and published, the token, MVP, legalities, timeline, current investments, the market potential, a detail vision accounts of the projects and the plans for the future for the investors.
• The team, their skills, background, and all team members must be verifiable or else the project is red flagged.
• The social media activities, search engine optimization, number of subscribers on the platforms and traffic to the website
• The ICO profile

Guide for new users

Register with and follow the instruction on what to do and fill all necessary pages by answering all questions about your ICO. All projects are evaluated by our platform to ascertain that the necessary information provides are legit and that the ICO is transparent as investors trust is the base of our platform.
This is an independent platform that presents information about past, present, future, and ongoing ICO for investors’ perusal. Icobazaar is a crowdfunding platform for new blockchain based projects that provides additional information for users that are interested in crypto ICOs. Our platform provides information like the token type, ticker symbol, soft and hard cap, pre-sale and initial public offering dates. Icobazaar is a marketplace for all kinds of all blockchain based ICOs and the goals are to filter out the top best ICO with up-to-date information on them for users and investors. Information on our sites includes whitepaper reviews, new ICOs, ongoing and future projects.
This is a team of more than 50 experts with various backgrounds in finance, banking, marketing, investment, cryptocurrency, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICOs that have come together to form a standard, independent, analytical, research agency for the evaluating of ICO projects and ranking them according to how viable they are in the overly hyper-volatile market of cryptocurrency. As we all know, the risks of investing in ICO outweighs the profits on a bad deal as most ICO even when viable are not yet regulated and is still in the development stage. Though, there are no set criteria for rating ICOs; we at have developed a clean assessment standard for all new projects based on how transparent they are and the standardized rating scale. Basically, our ratings are based on the technical features of the platform, the business structure, the mission, the roadmap, the team, the strength and weakness of the blockchain system, MVP, legal, partners, advisory board, smart contracts, and the whitepaper among others. We aim to provide potential investors or buyers into any upcoming ICO with the full information to make them well informed about all the details concerning the ICO and the make it as transparent as possible for investors.
In addition to the basic information for most projects, we also publish a risk score concerning the ICO by fully analyzing any potential fraudulent activity or if it’s a scam. A high-risk score is assigned to a project that has incomplete information about the ICO. The metrics parameters assigned are five namely very low, low, medium, high, and very high. The lower the parameter the higher the quality and security of the project and the higher the parameter attached signifies a huge red flag for the project and investors are advised accordingly and any investment is at their own risk and we are not liable for any loss incurred by the investors if they go against our ratings of the particular ICOs. The second reason for this parameter is to let investors know how successful the ICO or project will be or is and the growth rate of the ICO in the future.
The hype score is another parameter that tells the viewers the number of investors backing the project or ICO. The more reliable and verifiable investors interested in a projected the more viable the project is and the likelihood of success guaranteed. Some criteria for giving a project or ICO a hype score are the number of people on the ICO social media pages which includes Facebook, Instagram, medium, and Twitter. The number of times the project is mentioned in the news, press, and the technology media, the traffic on the website and the search engine optimization results concerning the projects. Lastly, the number of YouTube videos concerning the projects and reviews with major publications on major investment paper and business publication that are not crypto related.
ICO ratings aim to provide all the information needed and this has made us the best in the industry. For more information on any ICO, log into our website for more details regarding any ICO or upcoming ICO in the crypto space.

ICO Watch List
Follow the ICO watch list for the newest ICO on the market. We give information regarding the Initial coin offering start date, finish date, crowd sale, upcoming ICOs, the ICO statistics, how to participate in the ICO, and investment guidelines. NOTE: we don’t sell token or give you financial advice on which ICO to partake in. you can also add your own ICO for visible and reviews.
ICOs are reviewed daily on this platform and the best according to the market stats remain at the top to help buyers and investors make better decisions.
How to use the platform
To allow users get around easily, we have a few pointers for easy use.
• Countdown Timers: appears on live, upcoming and individual ICO to show their start and finish dates of each ICO.
• Timeline: this is a representation of how much time has elapsed for a live ICO project
• Gold and Silver listing
• Pre-sale: this time shows how many days, hours, and minutes are left for the presale of a new project to run out
• The category button: a click on this button tells the buyer the type of company and market predictions.

ICO watch list will mark a new project as a scam if
• its mission changes from the initial aim that it tabled out
• When the team members are falsified.
• When an ICO project goes off the radar for more than 48 hours
• When investors or buyers are unable to get a response from the company or its customer service center
• When the project goes off social media for more than a week
With the rate new ICOs are flooding the market, there is need to pay close attention to all the details of the project before buying or investing in the project. The quality of the ICO website, whitepaper needs to cover all that the ICO is all about. The first red flag for any ICO project is the lack of credible team members that are not on any social media platform. To verify the team members, check them on LinkedIn for their full profile and even cross-reference them.
To take the stress of following this long stressful process, Coinschedule founded in 2106 goes through the whitepaper and investigate the team members to select the best upcoming ICO for investors by providing a transparent and details information and the greatest projects in the market. In addition to picking the best for reviews and investors, Con Coinschedule is a marketing platform for new ICOs to pitch their ICO with global visibility. Coinschedule developed an algorithm that measures how risky and volatile an ICO is using software called ICOrank to rank only the best and most reliable on their website. Coinschedule ensures that you are investing in the right project by giving you all the information that you really need about the project.
This is an independent platform analyzing and researching new ICOs and using our rating system to put together the best, most promising project, the dates of starting/ending of the ICO. In addition to the above, Icomarks have proper tools in place that tracks already traded or ongoing projects. At icomarks, we enable to sift out the best from the hundreds of projects coming out to provide investors with transparent information about every individual ICO on our platform and ways to minimize investment risks. Other information that are available for investors and buyers on our platform includes a proper education on the projects, an in-depth analysis on the token, team, and exchange platforms that it is or will be listed. It also gives investors the pros and cons of investing in the said projects. Icomarks also gives the project owners a platform that will enable them build their project quickly and effectively.

Track ICO is one of the most reliable ICO trackers in the crypto space and also one that has helped numerous projects become successful by providing well-detailed insights and details regarding the ICO for the benefits of investors and buyers alike. Track ico has a list of latest ICOs, trending, ongoing, upcoming, opening and closing dates of each project. Track ICO does more than list out ICOs but compares prices, scalability, and the return on investments which is new for potential investors. is fairly easy to use platform with the project listed according to their quality and efficiency of the project.

Once again the success rate of a new ICO project is more than just rating it but a more technical in-depth analysis of the entire project with correct information provides for investors and users of these websites who then base their decisions whether to invest or watch live events of the ICOs before investing in them. These rating and tracking websites use complex algorithms to help piece together information that propagates the ICOs. They also help new ICO conduct their fundraising by advertising it to potential investors on their platform.

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