The word Innovator means merely a person that alters and creates something new into a system. A revolutionist who designs and makes notable changes that bring about new things in the society like the innovation of electric cars, motorbikes, solar energy and the rest exceptional innovations known to man. Doing things in a new way and making changes is literally what being an innovator is all about.
A lot of innovations are going on this minute, and we are also living our sundry lives today as a result of different innovations by great innovators dead and alive. In our day-to-day activities, we employ the use of different innovations to make and live our lives better. The Facebook we use today is as a result of innovation. Our phones, gadgets, cars, electricity, network, software and a host of many other innovations are the work of innovators.
These innovators are normal human beings but with the zeal to do and make changes in the world. They have distinctive characteristics or traits that make them stand out and push towards making ground-breaking changes and innovations in the society.

Below are the top 5 traits of innovators. These traits are common with every innovator.
They have big dreams that somewhat seem impossible to achieve and have divergent thinking ability.
Every innovator first must have dreams; a goal to achieve. These dreams are sometimes big, scary and cumbersome to accomplish. It takes a lot of determination and persistent hard work to make the dreams come to reality, or they will remain what they are; dreams. And they are thinkers, not just thinkers, but divergent thinkers. They don’t see things the way others do. Normal people are pessimistic in their thinking and what they see, but innovators are optimistic, giving room for a possible change.
Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple company had big dreams of making iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBook, and different from other phones or gadgets. He put in lots of effort to see it come to reality. Today, we are reaping from his hard work; his innovations. He didn’t think of making phones or gadgets that are already like the ones we knew. When others were creating phones and gadgets, he thought of a way to create his own to be different from others.

They are focused, goal-driven and passionate about their dreams
Innovators have this common trait of being purpose-driven in life. They are bent on making their dreams come to life. They have a passion for making and bringing changes around them. To dream is the first step in being an innovator, working towards it is the second step.
It’s not enough to dream, they thrive to make their dreams come to pass. Even when their dreams are looking unbelievable to others, they don’t fret or waver; they focus on their goals and put in efforts for it to see the light of the day. They have an infectious passion for their dreams. It’s this passion that drives them to achieve great things. Passion is the fuel that makes the innovative fire blaze.

They are persistent even when they fail
Being an innovator demands lots of experiments and persistence even when the early experiments fail. It takes lots of experiments to make dreams see the light of the day. These experiments involve lots of failed attempts and bad results. But innovators don’t give up. They persist and try out other different ways to achieve their goals.
Had it been Mark Zuckerberg had given up on his Facebook dreams and ideas when it failed during its experiments, would we have a Facebook today? No. Same goes for all other innovations around us. It took the innovators lots of persistence and courage to make it work.

They are daring and courageous
Innovators are daring and courageous sets of people. It takes a whole lot of courage to question the status quo and dare to make a change or deviate from it to make things work or to try out other ways in doing the same thing.
Innovators take a handful of risks in making their points or making sure their dreams become accomplished. They dare to see and do things differently from the society to make their goals possible. They are often bold and confident in themselves even when their dreams are not turning out positively.
In making their dreams possible, they need to be confident in themselves and courageous enough to take risks involved in doing that. They need courage also to face criticisms that come with their line of work or dreams. They will be criticized thoroughly in the quest to achieve their aim. They will also face criticisms even when their aim is achieved; when they have successfully made their innovations.
So, there’s no way an innovator would lack confidence and courage in himself and his dreams because he has to be confident and courageous to give out positive input that would yield positive results and most importantly, to face criticisms.

They have an insatiable curiosity
Innovators are filled with insatiable curiosity to know why things are the way they are and what will they amount to if done differently. They are always questioning why some things are done some way and the others the other way. They want to feed their insatiable curiosity; to know why a thing is done in a certain way and what will be the possible outcome if done the other way.
Elon Musk who is the man behind Tesla Motors was curious about why cars are running on fuel and not other resources like water or electricity. He was curious to know why and this led to him to curiously probe and ponder on the possibility of producing cars that use electricity. Today, it’s possible; Tesla Motors are producing cars that are powered by electricity.
So, these are the top 5 traits common to innovators. Every innovator dead or alive had or still has these traits in them.

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Top 5 Traits of Innovators
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