FinTech is a recent technological innovation that seeks to better the financial world through the introduction and application of technology to the world of finance. FinTech integrates both new and existing financial and technological companies to provide effective services in the areas of online payment, mobile transactions, and smooth financial management. Over time, the operation of FinTech has largely been improved by influencers.
These influencers are audible voices in their spheres of influence and help spread ideas and information as it relates to FinTech to a much larger audience and at a fast speed. These influencers are the heart of FinTech. Though numerous, here are top 5 FinTech influencers you should know about.

Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner is an independent finance commentator with consistent comments on financial issues on his blog, Through this blog, Chris analyzes financial market strategies; financial policy implementation and implications; and gives financial analysis with regards to changes that occur frequently in the world of finance. He is widely recognized, and a very influential person in the financial world. This feat is traceable to the publication of a bestselling book titled ‘Digital Bank’ – where Chris Skinner exposed the world to technology and banking.
He has also been honored as one of the leading voices of the European Networking Forum. Chris Skinner has been able to spread the ideas behind the drive, as well as the working of FinTech to a large number of people across various nations of the globe, and he’s still at it. This has earned him some recognition as he once made it to the list of the 40 most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal [a financial news platform].
He has also been voted as a FinTech giant by the Next bank, and recommend as one FinTech influencer everyone should follow by Deluxe and Jaxon Finance among others.

Jim Marous
Jim Marous is also another FinTech giant and a leading FinTech influencer. He is a widely published author, owner, and publisher of the Digital Banking Report – where he gives detailed reports on the importance and method of banking digitalization and also co-publisher of The Financial Brand.
He offers his presence to various finance and banking events where he stands out in ratings and reviews received. His publications are so in-depth that they have earned him a notable appearance on leading news platforms like CNN, Financial Times, New York Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and several other notable platforms. He has an ever-growing audience on social media, including a wide viewing audience on YouTube. Jim Marous has an impressive speaking and writing style which not only makes him unique but keeps his audience involved in his ideas. He remains one of FinTech top influencers across the various nationalities of the globe.

Mike Quindazzi
As a business development leader and consultant, Mike has been able to gather a lot of experience from years working with diverse people and organizations from the various nationalities of the world. Mike has used his knowledge of digital banking to lead revenue growth and brand management for different business across the globe. In doing this, he rebuilds the team, introduces new policies and tactics that help drive the business more to its goal. Mike also oversees the transition of clients through the acquisition of PwC. He has walked with leaders of brands and corporations to ensure their banking system enjoys the overwhelming benefits of digitalization.
This way, Mike Quindazzi has helped in bringing peace of mind, stability, security, and effectiveness to the financial set up of many businesses. He is very active on social media particularly Twitter where he introduces digital banking ideas frequently to his large number of followers.

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin is the Co-founder of Ethereum which is the second most recognized and valuable cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin; and also the Co-founder of Bitcoin magazine. Starting out to understand and value digital banking at an early age, Vitalik was able to integrate his knowledge and ideas into one of the world’s most acknowledged innovation of modern times. With the introduction of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has gained widespread influence across the globe as more and more individuals on a daily basis continually make transactions using Ethereum.
Financial institutions have also adopted this blockchain based technology has a means of payment, thus bringing efficiency, transparency, and security to the finance world. The introduction of Ethereum by Vitalik has allowed for easy financial transactions, that eliminated the presence of third parties, and secures financial institutions from the menace of scam and hackers.
The smart contract model of Ethereum has also been adopted by other cryptocurrencies as well as payment systems across the globe. Vitalik Buterin has been acknowledged by several award-giving bodies of which Forbes is inclusive, and remains one of FinTech’s leading influencer across the globe.

Theodora Lau
With over 20 years’ experience, Theodora Lau has championed several programs and courses that seeks to bring about growth and development to financial institutions, entrepreneurs, businesses [old and new], and all sort of ventures. She is a guest voice for Irish Tech News, Financial Brand, Let’s Talk Payments as well as American Banker. She is also credited to have introduced and sustained the delivery of end-to-end services on wireless technology.
In 2017, Theodara Lau was named among 44 ‘Innovators to watch out for’ by Bank Innovation and was named as the second top female FinTech influencer by Onalytica. As a FinTech consultant and writer, Theodara Lau remains a leading FinTech influencer across the globe.
We are in a world where technological innovation has taken over virtually all of the human affairs. Introducing technology into the finance world is about the best innovation of modern times. What this means is that more efficiency, transparency, and security is being introduced into finance.
This technological breakthrough brought about by FinTech needs to be widespread and this can be done by influencers. FinTech has gradually thrived on the effectiveness of its notable influencers across the globe. Though new, FinTech is just getting started. There is still more to expect of this outstanding innovation.

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Top 5 FinTech Influencers
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