Combining AI with Blockchain for Creation and Transfer of Crypto-Funds

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has maintained a steady growth over the past months, one that is worth grabbing the attention of top financial players. Everywhere around the world today, people are either talking about cryptocurrencies or investing in it. As expected, thousands of savvy investors have jumped into the trend, starting up platforms that offer very interesting and encompassing use cases. Every day, tons of unique financial problems are being solved using the very popular blockchain technology. In all these however, it seems one major question have been left unanswered: how to use the blockchain technology to simplify the process involved in creating cryptofunds? This is the question that platform seeks to answer in a unique manner by simplifying the creation of cryptofunds. Here, let’s examine the start of platform, its impact in the cryptoworld, and the launch of its ICO.

What is is a platform that operates on the popular blockchain technology, giving its investors the opportunity to leverage on a smart capital distribution system to earn money on existing investments. On the platform which is now fast gaining popularity, funds are generally divided into two parts;

  1. Infrastructural Fund: This class of fund when invested on provides for its investors a lifelong source of passive income. This class of fund is exclusively available for investors that will catch in early during the firststage of the company’s ICO.
  2. Investment Fund: under this class of fund, all important decision will be taken through a voting system. All member of the community can either vote for or against a major decision in this category.

The platform was created on the background that a solution is needed to satisfy all parties involved in the creation and transfer of CryptoFunds.  It will serve as a bridge between the world of blockchain and crypto-investments, giving new projects the necessary drive needed for them to find the resources needed to realize their ideas.

The basic goals of the include:

  • Ranking Projects in a professional manner, using Axon artificial intelligence
  • Provide easily adoptable choices among selected for investments
  • Help Projects through the process of successfully developing and launching their ICO
  • Provide a passive income channel for investors from expected profits of the platform.


Key Features and Advantages

Fast and Cost Effective

There’s nothing as frustrating as wasting too much time and achieving very little, especially in the creation of cryptofunds. Investors can quite easily get frustrated and leave if cryptofunds are unavailable when they want it. For this reason, platform was created to combine AI with blockchain technology not only to provide speed throughout the process, but to ensure that cryptofunds are created at an incredibly low cost.

– 24/7 Platform platform was created to operate across borders. It is expected that investors will come from different locations around the world, therefore the platform will operate on a 24/7 basis, to ensure that investors operate at their most convenient time, irrespective of location.


A major reason why investors are switching to this platform is its ability to use the blockchain technology to enable transparent transactions, without fear of fraud by either party.

ICO Overview

The company intends to launch its forth coming ICO on the 4thNovember, 2018, which will otherwise serve as its initial placement of tokens. The ICO period will see investors investing in the company by exchanging fiat money for the company’s token.

Token Statistics

Token Name:

ICO begins: 22thOct. 2018

Token Ticker: TFIO

Token Type: ERC20

Total Token: 180,000,000

Total Token Available for Sale: 137,700,000

With the numerous promises of in speed, efficiency and security, it seems like there’s finally a solution for crypto-funding, but only time will tell how well the platform will live up to its promises.


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