Can Blockchain work with smart agrifood? We’re used to placing Blockchain in direct correlation with bitcoin or with cryptocurrency generally. Instead, Blockchain can give an innovative answer even in terms of creating a new relationship system based on a new concept of trust entirely. A perspective that puts Blockchain at the service of the supply chain to get new tools able to ensure the good quality food with a true traceability.

Blockchain in food & beverage
The blockchain doesn’t stop at finance level where it has found one of the highest playground interest rates certainly but is showing new opportunities to manage in an innovative way new relationship, transactions, contracts, methods also in many other sectors as retail, manufacturing the food chain and smart agriculture.

Blockchain as a new concept of trust
The British “The Guardian”, with an article, shows the role of Blockchain in the food chain in particular in the fish industry. First of all, the English newspaper emphasized that the fish industry is affected by illegal events both in illegal terms and respect of human rights, unfortunately.

The fish supply chain has shady areas that aren’t able to guarantee manufacturers, retailers, and consumers the quality and reliability of every step. In other words, the real theme is: How can We establish a trust structure? Trust situation that gives clear guarantees to all of the supply actors regarding the work quality has done and the rules respect.

Provenance’s case
Blockchain bases its core business in trust precisely. The British company “Provenance” has developed a way to guarantee the fish origin that is transformed and consumed to retailers, the processing industry and the HORECA world, catering and consumer.

How does it work?
Today the fish supply chain is characterized by a paper management, all of the steps are checked and registered with traditional documents. The Blockchain approach starts with the work of the fisherman who, through a simple SMS, activate the supply chain path as soon as the fish is brought to the ground. The SMS activated the first level of identification that is immediately transferred to the processing industry or to distribution as the first element common identification. All subsequent movements of a fish batch are registered in turn on a common platform based on blockchain and contribute to the growth of information level on what happened and who carried out the various activities (transport, processing, packaging, sale).

The solution it’s based on the Blockchain, that is on a digital ledger platform accessible by anyone and above all able to guarantee trust and traceability. Other pros of Blockchain Technology are:
• Economic sustainability;
• The ability to combine high reliability in security transaction with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Giorgio Chiriatti

The Blockchain in Food & Beverage
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