Swace is a Blockchain gaming social platform that uses rewards for engaging with brands
The platform represents a new way of rewarding through a social gaming eco-system. It works like a game based on a mobile app where users engagement with the brand and regarded for completing a variety of tasks. The app reaches the top resolution in a token-based economy.

Swace is innovative because is a community-driven initiative, it’s the solution for providing new experiences for users and increasing networks for the brand. Brands can reach new users with game engagement, the platform has a preset gaming brand furthermore. The app’s economy is based on decentralized blockchain technology and revolves around a token called the Swace Coin. Another feature is the network gain between users. The experiences of Swace are so healthy, because the platform encourages running, jumps or climbing. Swace will empower users to support each others in games or challenges, share and engage with each other, and even team up for better rewards.

How will Swace engage new users?
Swace develops a variety of layers in which social competition/games can be created. The platform has different technologies inside, the business core of Swace is exploring user motivations.
The layers are flexible and are constantly updated with new options or new features. Swace believes that triggering the competition instinct, combined with habitat building and the natural motivation of regards.

Swace and the location feature
Visit a specified number of locations over a given time period. Snap pictures or selfies of the brand in acton, using provided guidelines, share the images and get rewarded. This type of game encourages users to effect a change in their daily routines, explore new locations in their surroundings, and feel adventurous – positive change associated with a brand name, promoting active engagement with the brand.

Exclusivity reward in the platform
Uploading a picture in response to an announced theme and try to collect as many votes as possible from others users. Only the submitter with the most votes is rewarded. Engaging the competitive drive and playing on the exclusivity of the reward, this type of game also calls for creativity on the part of users, the theme can sometimes be interpreted in more ways than one.

Swace is an AR player also
Users must find 3D objects added to certain locations using AR. Collecting or spotting these objects earns them rewards. The use of the exciting technology of Augmented Reality provides the users with entertainment while encouraging physical activity, increased attention and curiosity as they search for the hidden objects in order to gain the rewards.

Share moments not never been simple
Share moments with the brand during specified time to get rewarded. Linking emotional, photo-worthy moments in a user’s life to a specific brand deepens the quality of the user’s engagement with the brand by associating these emotions with the brand’s name.

Beta testing phase
Product testing: The brand selects a specific audience and gives them a new product to test and get credible feedback. Everyone who participates in the testing gets a gift in advance. For completing the feedback process, the user gets an extra bonus, such as Honest Tester status, extra Swace tokens etc. The platform becomes a substitute for extremely expensive product testing research, providing an opportunity to get realistic feedback from a credible audience.

The importance of data
In this type of a game, a brand can choose to make a game password protected and/or displayed only to users with invites. This way, the platform can be used for the company’s internal needs, such as motivating or rewarding the employees.

Giorgio Chiriatti


Dovydas Riasnojus – Head Of Business Development

Elina Mesengiser-Garber – CMO

Antonio Bechtle – Creative Director

Vaidas Barauskas – Head of Design

Jean Claude Edorh – Swace Lifestyle Ambassador

Tautvydas Tumas – Designer

Paulius Kaminskas – Tech Lead

Olga Lempert – Copywriter

Aurimas Paulius Girčys – Head Of Digital Advertising

Ksenija Dulskiene – Crypto Financing Consulting

Vladislav Čechovič -Data Analyst

Darius Janavičius– IOS Developer


Giorgio Chiriatti

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