Soundeon is a music platform where music is vertically integrated and all of the music industry aspects are covered. The platform promises to regulate concert organization, ticket sales and future music assets. Soundeon provides a new type of smart contract proprietor called (CSC – Creative Smart Contract).

Industry music
The music industry is divided between mp3 and live music ticketing, Soundeon resolves artists hurdles in particular ticketing rights and distribution with blockchain technology. In US royalty contracts are of two categories:
– Income/profit sharing model is used in publishing rights;
– Per-unit royalty model.

Why Soundeon for your work
The platform uses a decentralized blockchain system and multimedia software built on the Soundeon ecosystem. The Soundeon Team constitutes a consortium of blockchain experts:
– Artists;
– Software developers;
– Intellectual property practitioners
– Media.

The platform saves artists from problems based on performing and legal with transparency, equitable ownership rights management and fair event ticketing.
Soundeon helps artists has entire control over their creations, monetize their talent and offer a super closer connection with fans.

Business core its based in novel technologies within blockchain computing where smart contracts are immutable, stable, secure and dynamic. Soundeon utilizes a multi-pronged approach to eliminating inefficient and archaic market practices.

Four features for financial project
Soundeon features are represented by this tools:
– Soundeon Exchange: A tokenization tool and decentralized exchange of intellectual property where everyone can buy or sell their royalty income with and opportunity;
– Soundeon Tix: based smart ticketing platform is natively embedded in the Soundeon environment;
– Soundeon Mthird-partially data aggregation form Soundeon and third party providers.
– Soundeon Player: A music player that utilizes blockchain technology for transparent royalty distribution.

Financial stuffs
Soundeon takes founding by the Soundeon protocol token that allows high liquidity and low transactional cost, in particular, the system has:
– The Soundeon token that it serves to pay services in the platform;
– Micropayment with low transaction cost;
– Alternative cryptocurrencies that you can use in Soundeon platform.

Your rights in safe with Soundeon
Rights protocol is a complex procedure regulating the registration of intellectual property ownership verification. The first step is registration rights after the property becomes tokenized. Soundeon has Exchange service integrated blockchain based and protected by Soundeon Protocol. The platform purpose:
– Allows licensee to tokenize existing music rights;
– Serves as a platform to conduct Music Token Sales;
– Serves as a platform to conduct Music Token Sales;
– Provides a marketplace for tickets issued on Soundeon Monitor;
– Serves as a secondary peer-to-peer market for all tokens issued on the platform.


Vadim Kurochkin – CEO

Vladimir Avdeev – CVO

Egor Bushiyakov – CTO

Anastasia Liberman – Head of Product


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