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Solarex ICO is a blockchain based on the solar energy ecosystem, with a vision of becoming a massive blockchain based energy provider in Africa, Asia, and South America. They aim to use their blockchain technology to offer energy to the satisfaction of the consumer at an affordable price. Solarex has researched energy consumption and has concluded that 1.5 billion people have no access to electricity which is one of the significant needs of man to survive.

They have gone on to identify some energy industry problems, which are:

–    Remote parts of this world have no grid power presence

–    There is no safety, and the power source is not reliable

–    Power transaction lack clarity and certainty

–    Energy sources contribute to the most dangers of public and environmental health

–    Barriers to market entries

–    Poor utilization of energy capacity in less crowded areas

Solarex came up with a plan to solve the issues of energy derivation of the three continents mentioned earlier namely:

Blockchain and Smart contract: this allows the ecosystem to carry out transactions and interpret energy data in a ledger. They use smart contracts to control data flow and energy storage and also balance their activities.

P2P energy trading platform: this system would give energy users the access to trade their excess energy and also bring balance to energy distribution and address loss of power not needed from their grid during power circulation, poor utilization capacity, and excess load on the system.

Smart Meter has a new and different technology that lets the meter send data to their blockchain and pass correct current information to Solarex and the consumer. This meter is equipped with the latest technology that sends alerts when your energy consumption has become low and suspend accounts that have no units and reopen them when they are credited.

They use AI and IOT technology to develop smart metering which leads to the systematic production of more energy regarding logistics and cost.

They use their smart microgrid to solve the grid power absence in the local communities and project safety and dependence, durability and adaptability and solve the loss of energy problems during circulation.

Project Financing Platform

They will create a platform that showcases project needing funds and investments, and these can be funded using Solarex utility token or any method of payment approved.

Generating energy will be through the use of a roof to PV and from solar farms to the customer’s home directly.

Their ICO currently has a token sale which is running till December change to Their ICO token sale has began with a Private Sale which will be running until December. Their token sale is currently at 1SRX = $0.05. Their token symbol is SRX.

This ICO blockchain technology is crucial because it protects revenue and investments from misuse which is one of the qualities they stand for; Accountability.

They are made up of the project team, and an advisory group and are located in Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom


Solarex ICO has come to provide solutions to our energy crisis and give every individual the chance to access power supply securely.


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Solarex ICO
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