SingularDTV is a blockchain entertainment studio that lays the foundation for the decentralized entertainment industry. The platform empowers artists and creators with tools to manage their project from start to finish.
Tokit is the first Ethereum’s multi-contract application to be launched on SingulardTV and the first decentralized application to launch on the blockchain. With this project, all the artists and creators around the world can equip their project with tokenized ecosystems and generate their tokens in few minutes and at an affordable fee.
This system involves three applications which are the development, the production, and the distributed applications. These three combined will provide artists and creators the power to own and manage their economies with the purpose of creating a blockchain entertainment industry without intermediaries.
Tokit, which is the first of its kind allows users to incorporate their intellectual property rights, revenue, and royalties into a token which is programmable.
These functions are possible with the aid of blockchain’s data-network convergence and consensus algorithm. This combined with SingulardTV applications will give users unparalleled control over their work.

Tokit technology was inspired by the smart contract system which powers SingulardTV’s SNGLS tokenized system. It was created because there is a long chain of gatekeepers who oppress and suppress expressions.
When artistes even manage to express to the world, there is another system of intermediaries which extract revenue and value making it quite impossible for most artists to earn from their art. This unfair era for the artists is coming to an end as SingulardTV helps give the artists an unprecedented control of their property.
Audiences too are not left out in this life-changing project, as both artists and fans can now engage in a new type of reciprocal relationship which can sustain an artist throughout/ out their career life while expanding their fan base at the same time.

Tokens that are generated are programmed within the intellectual property of a project; thus when these projects generate revenue, the revenue will instantly appear as a token for the audience to either store or withdraw. Tokens thereby can act as a means to pay for content.
Normally, fans do not receive any tangible value of a ‘thank you’ for sharing a song, television show or content with a friend, however, once they hold a token of their favorite song and their family member has to pay for this song, this revenue is added to the token for the benefit of the fan. With this, word of mouth now has value.
Once project tokens are launched to the public, a market capital will be realized through the various-crypto-exchanges around the world where they can be traded. If a television show or series is tokenized, generates an enthusiastic fan base. Thus, such series or show can be sustained by the number of its audience. This is because the revenue of the series is programmed in its token and therefore, can be used to watch an episode within the series or the show. Thus, more audience leads to more revenue being generated.
The Mission: The mission of this platform is to create a transparent film and television distribution solution where revenue can be generated and collected instantaneously and where artists and creators can have control over the deployment and administration of their intellectual property.
Some of its goals include:

• To empower artists and creators with powerful tools to own their economies in project management and distribution.
• To develop a tokenized economy model in the new decentralized world.
• To create a fair and balanced industry where artists can express themselves in a meaningful and prosperous way.
• To build business structures that can take centralized assets in creating a decentralized world.

Project Singular X: Launched together with Tokit in 2017, singular X is a peer-to-peer decentralized trading platform which will generate liquidity in artist’s tokens and will help to develop a tokenized economic model.
Project Launchpad:
This project was also bundled with Tokit and will enable artists to manage fundraising campaigns. Launchpad and Tokit will go into a key differentiation in the entertainment industry, and it empowers all artists from different niches to create arts and distribute it via the upcoming distribution platform, called Eshervision (EV).


Arie Y. Levy Cohen: FOUNDER, CEO

Zach Lebeau: CEO & Founder

Jack Cheng: Chief Marketing Officer, Asia

Joseph Lubin: CTO & Founder


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