Due to the growing need to tell digital stories in a more convenient way, Playtrip was created as a digital publishing company, dynamic and able to keep pace with technological evolution.

Playtrip is a mobile application that allows you to download a tourist itinerary, and live it through the narration of a story. It is a platform for creating geolocalized stories.
The firm is made up of a consolidated team of professionals with complementary experiences, ranging from project management, marketing, digital communication to the development of mobile applications in native code.

According to the founders, digital storytelling is a new narrative strategy that allows people to tell and live their stories with engaging and interactive involvement. At present, Digital Storytelling has the necessary three essential factors which include the use of technological devices, creation, and use of multimedia content such as video, audio, images, texts, and objects of augmented reality.

It is seen as one of the most effective communication and marketing strategies that affect all sectors of the economy from fashion, health, economics, and energy. A lot of firms, institutions, local authorities, public figures, effectively use storytelling as a means of business communication.

Playtrip believes that tourism is one of the areas in which Digital Storytelling best reveals it’s potential.

The companies vision includes but not limited to the following

  • To create a tool that offers a new and more engaging travel experience based on the principles of visual storytelling and travel narrative.
  • To provide a new multimedia narrative platform able to open new paths to the creativity of writers, photographers, and videographers; in a word: storyteller.
  • To provide companies with a new channel of communication and promotion capable of enhancing the territory and local realities.

Who will benefit by using the Playtrip App

Some of the people who will benefit from the use of this digital storytelling app include

  • Travelers, who will now have a new way of experiencing the territory.
  • Storytellers, who can now compete with a new creative tool and turn their passion into a source of income.
  • Companies and local authorities, who will soon have a new tool to promote their reality.

What makes the Playtrip experience special?

  • It does not limit itself to giving information but involves users inviting them to take specific actions.
  • Includes multimedia content and Augmented Reality content.
  • It combines the practicality of a tourist guide app with the emotion of the travel story.

The Playtrip App

There are many apps for tourists and apps to promote the area. Most of them, however, are limited to providing information, becoming, in fact, an interactive tourist guide. The purpose of the guides is merely functional; they are not born to convey emotions but to provide useful information. The best tourist guide app is and will always be a pure consultation tool.

Playtrip is also an augmented reality app: among the multimedia contents that you will find in the stories, there are also objects of Augmented Reality (Object) that will allow you to live an even more exciting travel experience! Playtrip you can share photos of your experience and post them on Instagram, to let your friends and followers follow your adventure.

To start using Playtrip, download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play; Playtrip will be available in both iOs and Android versions soon. Once the app has been downloaded, you will be asked to create a user account; alternatively, you can log in through your Facebook profile or Instagram profile; by completing the stories or doing some actions, you will earn Playtrip points (PTP) that you can use to buy new stories or unlock content within the storylines.

The Team


Matteo Scarpellini: Founder Playtrip

Stefano D’Albora: Founder Playtrip

Cristina Colli: Marketing Officer

Marcello Cassarà: CMO Playtrip


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