Luxochain is a unique use of the modernity, security, and architecture of blockchain to ensure the exclusivity and highest quality for luxury goods.
It promises trust, originality, exclusivity and high quality by using the technological capacity of blockchain to guarantee and secure the luxury items customers desire. With this certification, they are exclusive, unique and assured against imitation.
This, in turn, guarantees an enjoyable shopping experience with the guarantee that trustworthy goods will be tracked and delivered to you in top form. From the manufacturing end to the handing over at the delivery point, Luxochain guarantees quality control ensuring that each product is unique.
From its inception, every product will receive a digital stamp which serves as a passport to track its progress at every stage. This will ensure that it is unique and irreplaceable. The authenticity of each luxury item is guaranteed under this system as it cannot be replicated.
The idea behind this is to counter the counterfeit market and watered down products affecting consumers ability to access the luxury goods they desire. It adds an additional touch of quality, value, and exclusivity to luxury goods and in the long run, gives consumers an assurance on the products they possess.

Vital Token Information
Token Name: Luxochain
Token Symbol: LUX
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Token Type: ERC20
Token Sale Start: September 10, 2018
Token Price: € 0.05 per LUX
Token Sale Length: Two Weeks
Soft Cap: € 1,000,000
Hard Cap: € 5,000,000
Unsold tokens following the Luxochain ICO will be burned. The 1,000.000.000 tokens are to be divided as follows: 10% to the community in the public token sale. 20% to early investors who backed the project’s development before the sale, 30% in reserve for strategic partnerships, 10% to advisors, journalists, associations, alpha partners, and others who contribute to the network, another 10% to founders and team members and a final 20% for airdrops.

The Luxochain Team
Luxochain is backed by a knowledgeable team of experts:

Natale Consonni who is the Founder is a strong business development professional, skilled in Product Management, Quality Control, Management, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship.

Davide Baldi, who is also Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in creating corporate networks. He owns companies, advises and provides strategies in various sectors including projects in the Blockchain field, Real Estate operations, Marketing and Management Consulting.

Roberto Gorini is also a Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at with over 20 years’ experience in varying fields including as a blogger, public speaker, scholar of economics, and author.

Contact information and social media links are available for team members on the website. Other team members are:

Naor Adno, Business Developer

Davide Zucchetti, Marketing Manager

Davide Luigi Borella, Community Manager

Federico Vigano, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Marco Guarducci, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Manuel Olivi, Developer

Cosimo Sguanci, Developer

You can read the Luxochain whitepaper or follow Luxochain on various channels and join the conversation across their social media networks and platforms as this will keep you abreast of news and developments. Alternatively, you can share your thoughts or inquiries through the contact form on the Luxochain website.

Luxochain channels include:


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