LendsBay swears to resolve the problem in borrowing or lending money. The platform is an application wich is a landing environment where people can borrow or make loans to other people. Their solution makes it possibile to borrow money very quickly and easily.

“NoT” list
One of the main problems is the rate of borrowers, in fact, LendsBay promises to reduce risks for lenders and improve terms for borrowers. In particular, we have this “NOT” list of features:
– No formal loan records: disputes arise repayment dates, terms and conditions; no reminders are sent;
– No contract: there is no mechanism for judicial enforcement of debt repayment;
– No credit history, which can have an impact on a borrower’s ability to obtain subsequent loans;
– No integration with the formal lending segment: behavior in one segment doesn’t affect financing conditions in the other;
– No market-based mechanism for determining interest rates; the market is smaller than its potential;
– No mechanism for reducing risk: credit ratings, diversification, insurance.

The importance of the UIX
The LendsBay has a super friendly design that helps interaction between users. At the first sight, we have an easy procedure where we can find partners and completing transactions. The design includes simple and easy understand debt management, notification of current and upcoming events, blockchain-based credit history and a tool for assessing the borrower’s level of risk.

Rapid look at benefits in using LendsBay
Examples of pros for a lender that using the platform:
– Recommendation od the borrower’s loan rate<
– Relationship documented;
– Insurance ad-hoc to reduce risks;
Preparation of a statement of claim in case of default.

The power of socials
Socials are the best way of reducing intermediation costs like a bank, insurance, and financial organization. To reduce the cost of mediation while maintaining a certain level of oversight, large communities are needed. Without communities, financial relations are less controllable, less stable and less comfortable.

How does the rating system work?
The rating core works on an exclusive environment which combines all the latest developments in the banking sector, in particular in AI ( artificial intelligence). An important advantage of their rating is it reflects a user’s entire history of financial relationship.

ICO description: TOKEN
LendsBay base its platform on ETH cryptocurrency with the ERC20 standard. In particular, this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services. LBT’s token has many peculiarity and functions:
– Reward for the successful repayment of a loan through the app;
– A risk insurance tool for investors;
– A took for lending to others users;
– As payment for a PRO subscription;
– Tokens for the functioning of the blockchain-based global credit rating – access to a credit history third parties.


Alexander Koptelov – Founder, CEO ()
Anton Gazizov – Founder, International Development
Andrey Cheremkhin – Founder, COO
Lyudmila Lukashova – Founder, CRO
Vladimir Gorbunov – Head of IT
Daria Batamirova – Marketing Strategy

Giorgio Chiriatti

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