GigsTricks swears to resolve the relationship between clients and freelancers improving principals standards and trusting business. The platform is trying to create an improvement of current freelancing platforms, in particular, to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create a great scenario for all stakeholders involved.

How Do they see the definitive project?
One of the most particular problems is an excessive fee in works trading. Freelancers must give expensive part of the gig payment asked clients. Gigtricks has envisioned another approach where the ever-increasing freelance community will, in our opinion, benefit immensely.

Three super features in of GigTricks
Here we are, here the following key elements in GigTricks platform:
– Creating work opportunities and therefore assisting in the fight against the recession problem;
– Offering a professional platform formed on ethical values, no tolerance, and entertainment for bribery;
– Giving all users a chance to find the right fit for their projects without having the need to set up a typical workspace;
** GigTriks’s team hopes that freelancers will able to list their qualifications and experience in the hope of attracting as possible.

Why you should choose GigTricks
Many freelancer could marriage gigtricks proposal, the platform mission is to incorporate core values in particular offers benefits that are incomparable in today’s market:
– If you wish to showcase your services on a platform where there is the greatest degree of professionalism and ethical within, whether you are a freelancer on an entrepreneur;
– If you want to create a diversified work portfolio that allows you to market your skills and own your work with proof;
– If you are an entrepreneur and value talented people;
– If you cannot afford to invest in a workplace but wish to hire the right individuals for the job.
– If you are a newbie and want to create your competitive advantage in the market come to join Gigtricks where you can take up skill test to increase your profile;
– If you are tired of fake and untrusted reviews, join the community as GigTricks will aim to have transparent system for review rating

Smart contracts in GigTricks, why so safe?
In normal freelancing work network, they have many problems about trading with clients in particular in alteration of contractual information. In the platform when parties agree, the info about timelines, fee amounts will be transferred in a single block where it is unchangeable. The freelances’ world is full risks, people can have great talents and skills but fail for any number of reason, such as not having a solid business sense or possessing poor marketing skills.

How is the Ecosystem without Gigtricks’ services?
All of the operation in sales gigs is centralized definitely, the software that gets work the platform is blocked so all information has limitations. Entrepreneurs with this system haven’t the possibility to ensure freelancers’ contacts or profile. Since there are no set global standards in existence, every freelancing platform has developed its own rules. Interfaces and tools so the quality of the overall ecosystem is sub-par (gigtricks).

Pros in GigTricks serivcies
A. Blockchain: Thanks Blockchain the mechanism is so fast in particular with a system blockchain based you can incorporate additional feature layers and modules to extend the platform’s functionalities, Gigtricks anticipates this killing features:
– Time limits;
– Payment guarantees;
– KYC;
– Legal limitations;
– Escrow;
– Instant purchase,
– Seller payouts;
– Audio and Video Streaming.

B. Low transactions costs: blockchain allows for making possible to get secure and high transaction costs.
C. Trustable: Its interest of entrepreneurs and freelancers will have the ability to trust the ecosystem. Blockchain gets immutable all of transaction, gigtricks’ system will be robust and tamper-proof.


Amir Shaikh – Founder & CEO
Omar Latif – Co-Founder & COO
Sadiq Hameed – Co-Founder & CBO


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