Financial Technology is one of the newest and hottest in the global market right now. Popularly known as FinTech, there are also individuals who may be known or referred to as a Financial Technology Influencer, or a FinTech Influencer.
These are prevalent individuals in FinTech circles who are knowledge, charming and able to command influence and respect such that their advice and thoughts on the related subject matter are considered to be of importance, even sought for because of the weight that they carry.
Not just anybody can be a financial technology influencer. It requires a great deal of knowledge and experience and even character traits that will be covered by this article.

1. Trustworthiness: People are naturally cautious about their finances, and even then, the age of financial technology is still not quite entirely here yet. Many people are still catching up to the idea of it and might not be so quick to jump on tips, advice or engagement from a financial technology influencer.
To be successful at being a FinTech technology influencer, one of the top and most important traits is to be trustworthy. Establish a relationship between you and your target audience and build upon this with credible engagements, demonstrating honesty and integrity as you go along. Also knowing that trust isn’t built in a day but rather requires a steady build up so as a company or individual, even with branding, public relations and advertisement successes, you need to work towards establishing trust between you and your clients or target audience to ensure that you are competent and able to make the desired impact.

2. Likability: Charm and likability play huge roles in being a FinTech technology influencer. While it is essential to have the knowledge and experience needed to play this role, it may come to nothing if you are not able to project a friendly and relatable image that allows for engagement and a relationship. Being a financial technology influencer requires more than just the base knowledge and extends to how well you can engage and communicate. Often, being likable and charming is the tool you need to actually get in the door before you can display your knowledge and experience or make an impact.

3. Commitment: Financial paths by nature require commitment. You need to be in it for the long haul and ready to deal with all the obstacles and troubles that might come up as you go along. A financial technology influencer must demonstrate a readiness to stick through it all. This is a quality people look out for both when hiring or dealing with someone who handles such vital issues. Finance can be a radical and changing circumstance. With the added evolutionary nature of technology, a FinTech technology influencer finds themselves in a position where it is their assurance, loyalty and commitment as much as knowledge, capability and experience that push things through.

4. Passion: Passion is not just another meaningless buzzword; energy and drive are very detectable. A financial technology influencer should be bursting with passion such that it is evident and alluring while being genuine. People are quick to detect false or forced interest, and that’s not something they want to deal with when finances are on the table. A FinTech influencer doesn’t just need people to see how much they know and what they have to offer, you should also demonstrate a zeal or drive for what you’re doing.

5. Empowering: FinTech is a growing and popular field now that is also quite empowering not just for the influencer for but the target beneficiaries. A successful influencer leaves people feeling more in control, and compelling about their financial chances and decisions. A financial technology influencer should seek to impact the target audience or beneficiaries by making them feel empowered even in the face of dire options because they are better able to understand their options and make wise and targeted decisions. One of the best ways to test your impact is the feedback and feeling from your target.
These are some of the most important traits anyone who intends to play a role as a financial technology influencer should have and continue to develop. They might not be measured as simply and easily as the numbers, but if you look into the why and try to understand what drives numbers up or down, you begin to see the crucial role these traits play in impacting this field.


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