ECOMI has blockchain technology in three property areas
– Protection of Private Keys;
– Cryptocurrency payments;
– An exciting world of Digital Collectibles.
ECOMI task is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in one user-friendly platform. The platform offers many pros of decentralization, privacy and control guaranteed with super safe controls: Secure Wallet and ECOMI One cards. The aim of ECOMI is to able to create a range of usable and functional products.

Why ECOMI System
ECOMI aims to address current security issues associated with the use of applications developed on blockchain and cryptocurrency, through the Secure Wallet, and ECOMI One (physical hardware), if private keys aren’t stored offline, they are potentially exposed to bigger risks. The economic proposal of the ECOMI Ecosystem consists of creating a digital finance management platform allowing users to spend cryptocurrencies and OMI tokens ( the native ECOMI Ecosystem token), anywhere around the world.
Killer features:
– P2P exchange digital assets
– Lower transaction costs
– Increased speed of payment
– Overcome international payment boundaries.

The core business of ECOMI is wide and it can be achieved by establishing a range of partnerships with established leaders in multiple industries. The ECOMI Ecosystem will host a variety of decentralized applications blockchain based. The Blockchain technology powers the creation of smart contracts, which is capable of governing arbitrary interactions.

Second Layer of Security
The ECOMI Ecosystem will have a second layer security unlike any other ecosystem in the blockchain. With the use of Secure Wallet, and ECOMI One, all private keys created for both cryptocurrency and decentralized apps will be held offline. The ECOMI Ecosystem is designed to return your right to personal ownership. Privacy and control. The ecosystem blueprint includes potentially developing:
– A decentralized application marketplace;
– ECOMI Exchange;
– Personal Data identity protection and storage;
– The recording protection, and sharing of intellectual property
– A board variety of P2P exchange platforms including.

Secure Wallet
The Secure Wallet is designed to be supersafe to malicious cyber-attacks since it never connects directly to the internet or to an online device insecurely. The secure wallet is connected to a host device (Apple or Android smartphone). Interaction with the Secure Wallet is made via the ECOMI App.

ECOMI App is at the first place in business strategy because users will be able to access all ECOMI services and features form one central location. Users can access the products and services within the ECOMI Ecosystem using the ECOMI desktop and mobile apps, as well as browsers extensions for certain features. Principal features:
– NFC: is expected to add value to the ECOMI Ecosystem by allowing by allowing further consolidation of above needs into one simple device;
– Marketplace: the ECOMI App is also projected to include a physical asset exchange marketplace, similar to eBay or Amazon, all processed by ECOMI escrow.

David Yu – CEO
Daniel Crothers – COO
Mikel Duffy – CTO
Joseph Janik – CIO

Giorgio Chiriatti

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