DigitalBank (DGBK) Protocol

The world’s first decentralized anonymous offshore e-banking platform


Over the years, many more people have joined the queue of those looking for ways to maximize their earnings by cutting down on the prevailing high tax rates that are common in many countries. But then, there doesn’t seem like any institution- both online and offline has any model that provides answers to this dire need, as the DGBK protocol. Asides this, the need for privacy and secrecy by bank account users have always remained sacrosanct, and many individuals and corporate organizations would do almost anything to achieve this. But then, the options have begun to drastically narrow down, and there doesn’t seem to be any much valid offshore banking facilities left, that could provide this as it used to be.
The Digitalbank (DGBK) protocol aptly comes to the rescue on this impending disadvantage by allowing people to operate anonymous offshore accounts that are entirely decentralized. All of the protocol’s working model ensures privacy and secrecy for the users, with multiple modification options to choose from. Hence with the DGBK protocol, people from everywhere can now actively carry out offshore banking services using a crypto bank platform that guarantees anonymous accounts for every user.

DGBK protocol’s vision and mission
The objective of the DGBK protocol is to create a viable environment for offshore banking while ensuring utmost security of user’s funds. This is achieved by an unbreakable encryption that ensures that the protocol is hacker proof, leaving no chances for the conventional cryptocurrency exchange and wallet hacking. In addition to this, the new DGBK protocol operates on a framework that ensures owners’ accessibility to funds, irrespective of whether the so-called access keys were misplaced or not. The platform makes use of a photon-based quantum encryption technology that places a well-restricted access to protocol wallets and funds. Photon-based quantum encryption uses mechanical properties to carry out cryptographic tasks. The advantage of this technology is that it performs more cryptographic tasks, much more than those executable with the classical non quantum communication methods.
All DigitalBank accounts are offline, hence it also ensures that you’re confident of the fact that your funds are always accessible, without fear of a possible intrusion from internet sources. Although your wallets could also be ‘online’, they are left invisible on the crypto space.
Other features of the DGBK protocol is an ability to link up fiat currency accounts to the blockchain, while actively allowing the user carry out trade and investment transactions on the platform. DigitalBank protocol is designed to be the tax haven of cryptocurrency assets.

DGBK Token
All investment and trading activities on the DGBK protocol would be powered by the DGBK tokens. Hence, the tokens are designed to function as utility tokens, rather than asset tokens. With the level of prospects that is hinted for the protocol, the tokens are expected to see a massive rise in price value in no distant time. Users can actively change their DGBK tokens to the fiat currency linked to the wallets. All token to fiat currency conversions would be made based on the prevailing token price on the cryptocurrency market.

DGBK token ICO
The protocol’s tokens would be made available to the public for sales at the ICO. All tokens intended for distribution would be sold out only at the crowdfunding. Hence, remaining tokens after the ICO would be destroyed. Early investors in the project become stakeholders and would be referred to as co-founders of the project.
At the ICO, each DGBK token would be sold for $10, while 70% of the total 8,000,000 tokens would be sold at the event. Events for the ICO kicks off in January 2019, with the main sales slated to start in July till December 2019.
DGBK team of experts
The DigitalBank protocol is managed and coordinated by a team of high ranking experts with experiences in cybersecurity, quantum encryption, blockchain innovation technology, and other relevant fields. They include:
Konstantin Shvetsov who is a cybersecurity expert with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Belqis Oquab has vast experience in global banking and private wealth and is a senior private banker at Edmond de Rothschild
Tim Weiss is a blockchain cybersecurity expert

The DigitalBank protocol operation framework is ingenious that brings all the required factors to play in ensuring that the project objectives are met. With the rate at which the momentum is building now, the project is expected to gain massive support starting from the main ICO in June next year.

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DigitalBank (DGBK) Protocol
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