We have slowly entered an era where transactions, purchases, and investments are done on a vast scale. And, the traditional banking services don’t seem to be sufficient enough. But thanks to FinTech industries, this has become a thing of the past. Now, with a smartphone that has an internet connection, financial services of different kinds can be done quickly.
With technological innovation going way passed companies that are into hardware and software, many companies have delved into financial services and are making waves. Who are these companies? Well, in a few minutes you’ll find out the cutting-edge FinTech companies in Europe. Let’s go!
Advanon is one of the pioneering FinTech companies in Europe founded by Stijn Pieper, Philip Kornmann, and Phil Lojacono in 2015. It is simply an online platform built solely for invoice-financing SMEs. How does it do this? Well, by just providing a better way for SMEs to manage the movement of their cash and channel more energy on their core business. Since its invention, Advanon has been able to raise funding that amounts to $3.9 million and a Series A round that sums up to $3.5 million from Swisscom Ventures, VI Partners, and Btov Partners.
Delio is a FinTech start-up that was introduced in 2015. The company gives financial institutions access to some investment platforms where they can find a link between investment opportunities in the global private market and their high net worth individuals. With the introduction of Delio came the creation of over 30 jobs within Cardiff in the space of 2 years, but the company also has offices in Sydney, London, and Brussels that will help advance its global client base.
Artificial Intelligence is one of the prominent advancements in technology and is leveraging on it. The company has built a mobile trading application that gives customers the capability of not only investing in some financial instruments but also allows them to gain access to educational materials. has been able to raise about $25 million in its Series A round, and it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and led by the VP Capital.
In recent years, you cannot mention FinTech industries without the Blockchain technology coming into the picture. Coinify, founded in 2014, is one of the FinTech companies that has incorporated the Blockchain technology into payment services for both consumers and merchants. It does this by collaborating with online merchants, private individuals, physical shops, and global payment providers.
FinTech has a bright future, and Weathify seems to be doing all it needs to do to be a part of this future. The company is based in Cardiff and operates as a robo-investment firm by using a well-experienced investment team and a combination of algorithms to develop primary portfolios that range from those that are cautious to the adventurous ones. With Weathify, you don’t need to have investment knowledge as it focuses on individuals that are willing to invest anything ranging from £1 to as much as £2 million.
Europe is one of the parts of the world in which the FinTech sector has gained momentum over the years. This result has only been made possible by the emergence of FinTech companies within Europe, which has given the FinTech industry a capital investment of about $2 billion as at September 2017. And, with these FinTech companies, the sector has only been scratching the surface of global growth.

Cutting-Edge FinTech Companies in Europe
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