Technological innovation has taken a sweep across the globe. More and more activities are being automated by the day. People now make less physical transactions these days. With technology, people meet themselves online; create and maintain businesses online; place orders and make payments online, and virtually all activities in these modern times are already being automated. In order to thrive in the online business world, it’s high time we began looking beyond an effective customer service and start developing conversational platforms where producers, middlemen and consumers alike are able to interact on products and services. This way producers are able to know what interests their customers about their products and services, and where to improve on to increase productivity. The consumers, on the other hand, are also informed about developments made on certain products and services instead of being caught unaware.

Why Conversational Platform?

There is no doubt that with the continuous advancement of technology, more companies will begin to develop more and more conversational software and systems, and as well begin to hire the services of conversational assistants to manage these conversational platforms. Why is this so?

Experts have predicted that by the year 2020, up to 85% business transactions by customers will be automated and devoid of human agents. Platforms like AI, Chatbots, and Watson, among others, have all been pre-programmed in such a way that it saves the cost of consistently hiring and training staffs. It also helps in answering customers questions before they are asked. This way customers no longer have to lose hope in the customer care services of online companies.

Increasing productivity and maximizing profits is the goal of every company. Making use of the verse benefits the online world has to offer should be the goal of every company. In doing this, companies have to align themselves properly to fit into the ever-changing and growing world of technology. Making use of conversational platforms is the future of a company-customer relationship and a very good way to increase business productivity.


Marco Barchetti

Conversational Platform
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