The Social Commerce ICO

CoinShare is the evolution of social commerce with the added innovative touch of the blockchain. It aims to help users create their community and earn more than they spend with its innovative ecosystem. It increases the customer base and purchasing power of users in the community to buy and sell. The CoinShare system is based on collective income and customer sharing.

The TCJ tokens are based on the Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and can be used to pay for its user’s annual subscription to services on the CoinShare platform or buy goods and services at partner operations in the CoinShare system. Whenever there is a purchase or transaction between the buyers and sellers in the community, the users get rewarded in form of a cashback which is a percentage of the transaction amount.

CoinShare also works with its affiliate company – XBT Provider to provide cryptocurrency exchange services that give interested customers the access to Bitcoin and Ethereum through their existing banks or brokers. This grants such customers the simple yet guaranteed access they need for such products. This Exchange Traded Products service provides smart exposure to the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets through normal brokerage accounts with tracking abilities.

The familiar structure of this exchange is an added benefit for those that might be confused by the new and emerging world of cryptocurrency. It allows these assets to be bought to hedge with a guarantee on the value of each certificate. Any brokerage with a regular connection to markets such as Nasdaq can have access to the bitcoin and ether trade as well as track the product values.

CoinShare is a part of the Crypto UK group which is made up of seven leading cryptocurrency companies which operate out of the UK. Joined by Coinbase, Etoro,, Blocks, Commerce block, and Cryptocompare, Crypto UK is an independent cryptocurrency trade body that aims to develop self-regulatory standards for the cryptocurrency industry. Crypto UK is a group of trading platforms, exchanges, asset managers, merchants, comparison websites, and intermediaries with knowledge and expertise in the cryptocurrency sector who in addition to working in this field also engage policymakers on relevant and related issues.

Users can also utilize the apps and wallet to get Token CoinShare Back which will be generated as cashback rewards upon purchase from CoinShare merchant partners. These tokens can either be converted to ETH or to traditional or fiat currency.  It is noteworthy however that there are two different tokens within this system – the TCJ which is the token purchased and the TCB which is the cashback gotten from purchases.

Although XBT Provider constructs and issues these products, it does not provide any financial advice or accept client funds. Questions regarding investments and trading are to be directed to financial advisors, your brokerage or bank. This is where CoinShare private strategies advisory comes in which provides professional research and products.

Vital Token Information

Token Name: Token CoinShare Join

Token Symbol: TCJ

Token Price: 0.12 US$

Total Supply Available: 500,000,000.00

Circulating Supply of Tokens at the Launch: 125,000,000.00

Soft Cap: US $ 3,000,000.00

Hard Cap: US $ 11,900,000.00

Token Issue Date: October 8th, 2018

The token sale kicked off from June 30, 2018 through subscription to a private list and is scheduled to end on December 8, 2018, and CoinShare team members and advisors will be unable to transfer or sell their tokens 12 months after the token sale. In addition, the tokens are limited so all tokens left unsold after the ICO are to going to be burnt. They will also be burnt when they have been used to access platform services. This will create a system of scarcity alongside rewarding users the longer they are able to hold on to their tokens.


The Team

CoinShare is backed by a talented and knowledgeable team of experts. The core team is made up of:

There is also an experienced team of advisors backing the CoinShare operations. More information on this and the CoinShare team is available on the official website.

The CoinShare ICO is based on an existing project and technology – the sharing community of MYG21. This community has more than 33,000 sharers with a transaction volume of over €9,000,000.00 thus far. The addition of blockchain is targeted at taking this project to the next level.

You can read more on CoinShare through its lightpaper and website.

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