Did you have problems with freelance works payment? WONO is the answer. WONO is a decentralized P2P platform form exchanging property and services. WONO is cryptocurrency based on Ethereum value and the interplanetary file system (IPFS) where users interact without needing an intermediary. Sharing economy model The platform it’s sharing economy based. The sharing economy […]


Swace is a Blockchain gaming social platform that uses rewards for engaging with brands The platform represents a new way of rewarding through a social gaming eco-system. It works like a game based on a mobile app where users engagement with the brand and regarded for completing a variety of tasks. The app reaches the […]


Crypto-Potential is a cryptocurrency mechanism aimed at providing tracking facilities for cryptocurrency engagements. It serves as what is known as a tracking index for the cryptocurrency, calculating the difference in the performance and price metrics between the leading Mastercoins i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin (BTC, ETH, and LTC) and Altcoins. This tool also has the […]

Carrefour Italy

When the test starts start The test will begin in September on the chicken supply chain kept outdoors and antibiotic less. The customer will have access to information on breeding and cultivation through a QR code. Blockchain technology, Carrefour emphasizes, guarantees the immutability of the recorded data and the history of supply chain information, and […]


Founded in 1997, ATPC is a well-established firm born to meet the market demand of interacting with digital portfolios, user authentication and giving people the opportunity to make use of their fund quickly. In the past few years, the traditional financial market which is over-regulated has been faced with increasing difficulty because the market is […]


In the last few years, the world of gaming and sport have been faced with serious challenges even though more than one-third of the world population participates fully in various gaming activities across different platforms. Gaming is one of the fun activity for anyone to enjoy. However, millions of users that are addicted to gaming […]


Due to the growing need to tell digital stories in a more convenient way, Playtrip was created as a digital publishing company, dynamic and able to keep pace with technological evolution. Playtrip is a mobile application that allows you to download a tourist itinerary, and live it through the narration of a story. It is […]


The Xriba protocol aims to bring transparency to corporate cash flows through its unique use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is a set of accounting applications and toolsets that aims to address the ambiguity that exists when evaluating cryptocurrency institutions. The ultimate aim of Xriba is to create a transparent and accountable framework for all […]

The Blockchain in Food & Beverage

Can Blockchain work with smart agrifood? We’re used to placing Blockchain in direct correlation with bitcoin or with cryptocurrency generally. Instead, Blockchain can give an innovative answer even in terms of creating a new relationship system based on a new concept of trust entirely. A perspective that puts Blockchain at the service of the supply […]


Trade finance and business banking The first problem in a baking structure is the trust between actors. Here we are, We.Trade creates the just environment for healthy banking information with a blockchain based system. We.trade develops a playground able to improve trade market. We.Trade is the solution for many banks and companies that commercialize international […]