Solarex ICO

Solarex ICO is a blockchain based on the solar energy ecosystem, with a vision of becoming a massive blockchain based energy provider in Africa, Asia, and South America. They aim to use their blockchain technology to offer energy to the satisfaction of the consumer at an affordable price. Solarex has researched energy consumption and has […]

Combining AI with Blockchain for Creation and Transfer of Crypto-Funds The popularity of cryptocurrencies has maintained a steady growth over the past months, one that is worth grabbing the attention of top financial players. Everywhere around the world today, people are either talking about cryptocurrencies or investing in it. As expected, thousands of savvy investors […]

Malta’s Cryptocurrency Regulations

It is no longer news that Cryptocurrencies together with other digital ledgers and assets are taking the center stage in the world of digital finance. We see a great deal of transactions on a daily basis going through the channels of these digital assets. Malta has shown a great interest in the regulation and operation […]


Customers are impressionable using AR technologies with devices and developers can realize their applications. Intro The platform is blockchain based and the augmented reality needs to improve customers experiences, in particular, the system has four integrated elements: – A disruptive universal advertising network; – An augmented reality marketplace; – A social platform; – Next generation […]


GigsTricks swears to resolve the relationship between clients and freelancers improving principals standards and trusting business. The platform is trying to create an improvement of current freelancing platforms, in particular, to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create a great scenario for all stakeholders involved. How Do they see the definitive project? One of the most […]


LendsBay swears to resolve the problem in borrowing or lending money. The platform is an application wich is a landing environment where people can borrow or make loans to other people. Their solution makes it possibile to borrow money very quickly and easily. “NoT” list One of the main problems is the rate of borrowers, […]


Soundeon is a music platform where music is vertically integrated and all of the music industry aspects are covered. The platform promises to regulate concert organization, ticket sales and future music assets. Soundeon provides a new type of smart contract proprietor called (CSC – Creative Smart Contract). Industry music The music industry is divided between […]


ECOMI has blockchain technology in three property areas – Protection of Private Keys; – Cryptocurrency payments; – An exciting world of Digital Collectibles. ECOMI task is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in one user-friendly platform. The platform offers many pros of decentralization, privacy and control guaranteed with super safe controls: Secure Wallet and […]


The Social Commerce ICO CoinShare is the evolution of social commerce with the added innovative touch of the blockchain. It aims to help users create their community and earn more than they spend with its innovative ecosystem. It increases the customer base and purchasing power of users in the community to buy and sell. The […]


Luxochain is a unique use of the modernity, security, and architecture of blockchain to ensure the exclusivity and highest quality for luxury goods. It promises trust, originality, exclusivity and high quality by using the technological capacity of blockchain to guarantee and secure the luxury items customers desire. With this certification, they are exclusive, unique and […]