CarVertical is the first database based on Blockchain technology.

What Can you do with this platform? Here we are, CarVertical features:
– checking stolen cars;
– car activity insurance;
– odometer tracking at different times;
– car esthetic conditions by a photo gallery
– accidents or damages dataset
– location about the car registered

What is CarVertical
Blockchain is revolutionizing the entire philosophy of databases science. Many companies have already decentralized their databases upon Blockchain. This method has made a super safe environment and lower GDPR costs possible. In this case, CarVertical is the P.A. upgrade databases. Through this tool, you can reach any type of car information with a user-friendly operations system.
How does it work?
– Enter car VIN number ( you can reach the number upon body car);
– CarVertical makes it magic (updating it databases and connect information).

CarVertical Dataset
We have a CarVertical wireframe, you can see different types of automotive scores like manufacture year, real mileage, accidents, stolen report and spotted activity. All these information are tracked and transferred trough blockchain system. Pros of this system are the impossibility of records manipulations, criminals or robbers access and reactivity information.

Blockchain pros for P.A.
Disintermediation of P.A. could probably be the first advantage in blockchain eco-system, anyway this procedure it is so difficult because most of P.A system is adverse by any type of disintermediation caused by a vertical structure. The pieced probably could be temporal marker affix to documental storage.

Piece of cake CarVertical is the revolution in the automotive database system and P.A. environment.

Giorgio Chiriatti

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