When the test starts start
The test will begin in September on the chicken supply chain kept outdoors and antibiotic less.
The customer will have access to information on breeding and cultivation through a QR code. Blockchain technology, Carrefour emphasizes, guarantees the immutability of the recorded data and the history of supply chain information, and is one of objective, to become a world leader in the “food traceability”.

Chicken traceability with blockchain
Starting in September, Carrefour Italia will adopt blockchain technology for digital product tracking, where information is accessible to customers directly. The BIO chicken bred will be the first product (without antibiotics and grown outdoors), the entire supply chain will be traced, in particular:
– 29 farms;
– two feed mills;
– slaughterhouse.
The second supply chain that it will revolutionize is citrus fruit chain with the brand property.
Consumers will be able to access information through a QR code drawn upon the product packaging developed by Carrefour Italia. They will know where the animals were bred and fed, and how fruits where grown.

Carrefour Italy: innovation R&D
The evolution of consumers demands and the renewed attention to the origin of GDO products impose on the operators of the sector an ever-increasing commitment to transparency of information, explain Stephane Coum, Country Manager Carrefour Italia. <

Why Blockchain
The blockchain technology, as Carrefour said, guarantees the immutability of the data records and the information history of the supply chain product. Its use is part of the “Quality Assurance” strategy launched in 1992 in France and in 1991 in Italy. The most important goal that Carrefour in 2022 will achieve is to become the world leader in “food traceability”. It is the goal set by the French Group number one, Alexandre Bombard.

Carrefour final view
The Blockchain experimentation in Carrefour has already provided positive results in France, where it was launched four months ago, starting with the Auvergne chicken supply chain and the spreading to Marmande tomato. In September in Italy the first application will be shown at Carrefour Keynote, about citrus chain it will start after chicken implementation.

Giorgio Chiriatti

Carrefour Italy
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