BTU protocol is Booking Token Unit, the first of its kind. As an open source decentralized protocol, BTU has been able to lead a revolution in online booking platform by giving individuals an opportunity to become a booking platform. BTU Protocol is a new protocol platform that provides the best travel and business services. It is a blockchain powered platform that offers a generic protocol that is applicable to virtually all working industries especially in the areas of restaurant services, sports events, conversation and shows, car repairs, production and supply of industrial equipment among others. As more and more online companies look to diversification online booking, BTU protocol’s generic protocol system is a system that has been put in place by the platform to ensure it stands out amidst the competition going on the ecosystem to bring about the emergence of an entirely new ecosystem, making it very easy for different applications to work effectively using the BTU protocol. In a more simpler term, BTU is doing to online booking platforms what Bitcoin is doing to the banking sector.

BTU Protocol’s Vision and Mission
It is clear that with the introduction of BTU Protocol as a technological innovation, a new era, especially in the area of online booking, has dawned. Credited to be the first decentralized and blockchain powered protocol, Booking Token Unit looks to remain the best by providing a free software kit that allows users and companies all over easily install this generic protocol into the working structure of their companies for more effectiveness and productivity. It also aims at making this free software kit available for massive adoption and appreciation. It aims at being a global standard network that can be used to share numerous availabilities on an open network. Most importantly, BTU protocol looks to be a virtuous model and the best sample to follow in the area of being able to distribute value between traders as well as users.
BTU Token
BTU tokens are the generally accepted means of payment on the BTU protocol and its affiliates. It can be used as a means to guarantee bookings on the BTU protocol. With the introduction of Bitcoin as a technological innovation, that allows people to trade in digital currencies without being subject to a Central Bank’s regulation, came a disruption in the banking system. It is in this same manner that BTU looks to introduce digital payments into online booking making use of BTU tokens to effect payments and guarantee bookings easily. Has a decentralized token powered by the blockchain, BTU token looks to bring about transparency, high-level trust, and efficiency into online booking? In the process of using these tokens to guarantee bookings, if a success is recorded, tokens are given to end users.
Users can also earn for themselves more BTU tokens that can be used to further invest in the platform by referring others users to the platform. On every referral made successfully, you’re being awarded an amount of BTU tokens.

The BTU Token Market
Presently, a flash sale of the BTU token is ongoing. It commenced on the 27th of June and will remain open up until the 29th of June. A total of 100,000,000 BTU tokens were released to the market, and thus far, it has recorded a good start sale of about 50,000,000 BTU tokens at a price of 1 ETH = 683 BTU.
BTU’s Team of Experts
To ensure an effective protocol is developed and sustained, BTU is made up of a professionally trained workforce. These individuals bring all the expertise and experience to play as a team and ensure the generic protocol of BTU is made available to several companies and that the company as a whole is being subjected to timely innovations to make it much better and relevant in light of technological advancement. BTU’s of experts among others include:

Vidal Chriqui who is the inventor of ERC-808 and the founder of BTU protocol
Hervé Hababou who is a co-founder alongside Vidal
David Teruzzi who is a senior blockchain architect and BTU’s ambassador
Léonard Henriquez is BTU’s Chief Operating Officer
Victor Dumas is an experienced back-end developer and one of BTU’s advisor
Aurélien Castellarnau is also an experienced Front-end developer and one of the advisors too
Julie Naudin is one of BTU’s ambassador to Korea
Matthieu Tylez is BTU’s head of communication and also an advisor

As an open source decentralized protocol that is powered by the blockchain, BTU protocol is bringing about a new online booking market. This market will be characterized by transparency, efficiency, and ease, the type that no other technological innovation has provided for. Invest today, and benefit tomorrow. Visit here for more information.

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BTU Protocol
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