Blockchain can be decisive in the healthcare business. Probably it will be good to verify the patient’s identity, keep track of the prescriptions or supervising the correct protocol application. Big Data will be safer and scheduled.

Blockchain it’s a friend of healthcare project like FinTech too
Can Blockchain be decisive in healthcare topic?
In the intro, we described two of the most useful features of the Blockchain structure in healthcare regime. Other peculiarity here:
– Verifying patient’s digital identity;
– Keeping track of the medical prescription;
– Drug delivery;
– Assumption of the treatment.
Probably a further application could be the correct application of therapeutic protocols and certificated medical devices; healthcare organizations have the opportunity to reinforce medical system with smart contracts so you could control the correct device working.

Blockchain in healthcare
This technology it’s so sophisticated because it uses algorithms to customize data value and transfer information and tracking them in a super safe manner lastly. In general, it could be the playground for healthcare blockchain applications, including preventive authorizations and automatic data processing.
It’s more important the decision about the use of Blockchain system with or without authorizations that restrict access to an after-chosen users group is very important.

Healthcare developing solutions
The latest solution is a little bit limiting (because it could loss peer-to-peer pros) but it would be more appropriate in health care system. Not all of the problems are related to the health data management require a Blockchain solution but in these conditions yes:
– more actors generate transactions that modify information in a sharing repository;
– Actors must trust valid transactions;
– Not intermediaries required;
– More security needed to ensure the integrity of the system.

AI and Blockchain
It’s essential to traduce confidential aspects for an automated treatment based on AI (artificial intelligence). Big data can be ordinated and scheduled with Ai because this technology can predict data and codes with super smart tools.
In the end Blockchain could be so useful for PMI (precision medicine initiative), as collector information system.

Giorgio Chiriatti

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