Bitsong is an Ethereum blockchain powered decentralized music streaming platform that uses the IPFS distributed file system for effective functioning. Bitsong as a blockchain based platform looks to celebrate musicians and lovers of good music across the globe by providing a platform for musicians that allows them produce songs. Songs produced on the Bitsong platform is opened and accessible to advertisers, promoters, and users across the globe using any device. This won’t just be a fun providing platform, it will also provide incentives for musicians and advertisers as a certain percentage of the cost earned from viewed advertisement will be made available to the advertiser who put up such advertisement. For musicians who will have their songs on Bitsong, it will serve as an enabling environment to help them attract sponsors, endorsements and receive donations on music and album they aim at releasing. The platform is filled with several attractive and impressive benefits to users.

In a bit to achieve a new music streaming era, Bitsong aims at being a revolutionary brand that not only launches people into this new era of music streaming but one that also integrates music streaming with the mass benefits of the cryptocurrency word through the blockchain technology. It aims at making use of the Ethereum smart contract to replace manual paper activities and bring about a decentralized system that allows musicians relate personally and directly with their listeners. By working on the blockchain, Bitsong seeks to achieve efficiency, transparency and security of the platform.

Looking forward to being the globe’s leading decentralized music streaming platform in the years to come, Bitsong also aims at being a three-way income generator. First for the producers who have their songs on the platform, to listeners who enjoy songs from their favorite artists to the advertisers who put forth several advertisements on the platform. Bitsong’s long-term goal is to be on every chromecast smart TV; every personal computer and smartphone’s App Store, and in every car’s smart radio. Bitsong views a future where Bitsong becomes the household name when it as to do with music streaming that integrates musicians from across the globe with an audience all over too.
The Growing Bitsong Market
As it stands, Bitsong as a number of internationally recognized artists who have signed on the platform. Notable among these artists include – Nicola Fassano, Mossel, Alex Guesta, Maurizio Nari, Katty Q, Jean Marie, MBP, Reddox, Criminal Sounds, Jorge Leon and DJ Bee, all of whom are notable international DJs and music producer. The market statistics of Bitsong as it stands now includes:

• Users – 177,404
• White list – 37,679
• Telegram Group – 50,505
• Telegram Channel – 21,548

In the Bitsong market, users get paid for the attention given to the website, music producers get paid on a timely basis, and advertisers earn from advertisement campaign.
Bitsong’s Team of Experts.
At the working end of this revolutionary technological innovation are a team of knowledgeable and well experienced individuals in different workings of life as it relates to music production and management as well as the working of the blockchain. Some of the members on this team include:

• Angelo Recca – The Founder and CEO of Bitsong. LinkedIn
• Rino Ticli – Co-founder and renowned DJ/Producer. LinkedIn
• Gas Incatasciati – An international music producer. Facebook
• Fabio Vindigni – A Digital Video Strategist. YouTube
• Alfonso Santitoro – A Digital Marketer. LinkedIn
• Giovanni Melfi – Bitsong’s CTO and renowned blockchain developer. LinkedIn
• Francesco Martorana – An Artist Manager. LinkedIn
• Alessandra Recca – Young and experienced female UI/UX Designer. LinkedIn
• Tiziana Mazza – Bitsong’s Social Media Manager. LinkedIn

Register today on the Bitsong platform to be a part of this revolutionary innovation while you enjoy the benefits that come with it either as a listener, producer or as an advertiser. Bitsong is second to none in the market and looks to attain greater heights in the years to come. With a positive and feasible vision, Bitsong is threading every way that leads to the realization of its vision. Be a part of Bitsong today. You can reach out through any of the following: Facebook, Telegram, Medium and LinkedIn.

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