In the last few years, the world of gaming and sport have been faced with serious challenges even though more than one-third of the world population participates fully in various gaming activities across different platforms.

Gaming is one of the fun activity for anyone to enjoy. However, millions of users that are addicted to gaming have been considered to be wasting their precious times addictively participating in MMOG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) and other forms of Gaming.

While they waste their money and time on gaming, they receive no tangible compensation for their efforts except for the virtual coins that have no real value in life.

This unfair advantage can be said to be due to the dilapidated gaming industry that provides an atmosphere for only game developers, advertiser, gaming content creators to benefit at the expense of the gamer.

Also, recent studies have shown that 7 out of 10 gamers has developed a passion for challenging games and feel strongly obligated to overcome any challenge to get to the next level which is rewarded by a pay. The gaming industry which is highly centralized has been overtaken by the big brands with no collaborative mediums for open-source gaming development thereby deterring insanely unique game ideas by the masses from being brought to actualization.

To address all these challenges, Bitway was established to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that would allow gamers all over the world to monetize their passion from gaming. Bitplay will create a world where work is the equivalent of Play.


Some of the bitplay projects and applications will include the following

Gambling: The gambling industry has been a beneficial and lucrative one for years. In 2018, Bitplay hopes to launch its first gambling project and applications which will be available to gamers publicly through BitSport, an advanced blockchain based eSports betting platform which features the native BitPlay crypto-currency (BTP) as its primary form of staking currency.

  • Esport: Esport is also a widely accepted gaming sect which is growing rapidly especially in Asia, Bitoplay also hopes to foster mass eSport adoption all over the world through the BitPlay’s eSports platforms which have been well developed. The Bitplay esport platform will create an open eSports ecosystem that gives room for the discovering, training, incentivizing gamers and aspiring gamers all around the world to becoming professional gamers and superstars in this sect.
  • Wagering: Wagering is a type of gambling that involves betting on the outcome of an external event such as a sporting event. BitPlay has created its wagering platform which is known as GameFluk. GameFluk is a real-time skill-based wagering system in which gamers get to play and wager in real time on BitPlays gaming applications.

Gaming Tournaments: Bitplay would be hosting record-breaking tournaments in specific locations around the world just like the conventional sports such as FIFA world cup and Olympics. This would be a great event that will allow top gamers to meet and compete on specific titles, prices, and trophy.


Built on the blockchain platform, BitPlay would feature and enable its native cryptocurrency within all its projects, Platforms, Apps and Ecosystem.

The BTP token will be universally adopted cryptocurrency that would trade on every essential and popular crypto-currency exchanges and would be available for purchase in most jurisdictions around the world.

At first, a total of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Token will be created on the blockchain, and this figure would be the total and final supply made available.

The token distribution will include 15% to reflect the total token value reserve of BTP. 10% to reflect the total value of tokens allocated for bounties, 5% to reflects the total token value allocated to Advisory board and Partners and 70% to reflects the total amount of token disbursed into circulation.



CharlesAdenuoye: Chief Executive Officer

Ashwini Shankar: Chief Technology Officer

Oleg Oleshchuk: Director of Technology

Victor Ogunshina: Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Saar: Senior Marketing Manager

Khalil Oueslati: Senior Software Developer

Adeel Shafique: Senior Creative Designer


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