Set to be launched in September 2018, #be, is the blockchain based marketplace for digital people and a trademark of BE Energy International Sagl, a technology firm based in Switzerland.
#be was established to address the privacy of people and their capability to control their data. Research has shown that in the last few years, digital advertising has been overrun by fraud, middlemen, and trackers with no regard for the user information.
Privacy of the users are violated on a regular basis, and big firms like Google and Facebook are making more than 70 percent of the advertising revenue and 99 percent of the growth while publishers and advertisers are left with nothing because they are not given the opportunity to monetize their services.
For instance, Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm in the United States in the build-up to 2016 presidential election, used the personal data of more than 40million Facebook profiles without permission to build a system that helps them target voters based on the characteristics.
Also, employees of Cambridge Analytics where even video boasting of using fake news and dirty tricks to swing election results around the world. An investigation key investigation firm in the United States showed that Facebook violated the privacy of individuals in various ways and made millions of dollars using the private information of people on their platform.
And that is why #be was founded to address this high ineffectiveness in the advertising industry as regards frauds (bots), user profile quality, and poor transparency in budget allocation in a highly intermediated ecosystem.

The key aim of #be is to establish how the personalization of a user’s content experience, combined with a reward mechanism based on online and offline activities, could generate greater engagement.

#be has a solution for the user, the publisher, the advertiser. Some of the solutions include the following:
• The user empowerment: This provides fully secure data control and 100% privacy respect toolkit which results in better-informed, more engaged users with more control over their online experience.
• The blockchain based marketplace of digital activities: This allows the user to monetize his or her online activities based on quality matching between their profile and the advertisers’ targeting criteria, this helps to solve the problems of frauds and budget allocation transparency for advertisers.
• User empowerment toolkit: This involves the use of self-profile technology, and that will allow individuals to collect and manage their data in a simple and secure way which is GDPR complaint. The User empowerment toolkit results in having better informed, self-profiled and more engaged users that have greater control over their online experiences.
• Fraud-Free System: The Fraud-Free system guarantees real, useful connections between advertisers and people
• Transparency: This involves transparency in advertising budget allocation towards people and publishers.
• HIGH R.O.I for any player: User can now monetize their digital engagement in activities proposed by advertisers; publishers open a new revenues stream; advertisers are satisfied by better “converting” campaigns.

#be makes use of the beTOK (BTK) which offers major market opportunities to all players which include the user, the advertiser, and the publisher. The Token distribution will commence during the ICO later in September 2018, the aim of tokens distribution during the ICO are:
• Rewarding crypto experts through bounty programs
• Boosting the discovery of the #be platform through bonus systems such as airdrops and
• Creating awareness of the #be platform to engage partners, like publishers, in the innovative user-centric data control and advertising approach.
During the ICO, the BTK allocated is 39.5%. Bounty programs and Airdrop bonus will engage 4% of the remaining reserves. Partners, like publishers, will receive 3.5 % of the total amount of tokens issued. Another 13% of the total tokens available will be used for founders, teams, and advisors.
The Company will use the remaining 40% of total tokens issued to finance the future company’s activities. The reserve will be carefully managed according to specific targets of market adoption and liquidity.

Raimondo Gissara: Co-founder & CEO
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Luther Jones: Co-founder & CDO
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Alex_Azais_Tatistscheff: Crypto Financial Advisor
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Filippo Gramigna: Publishing & Digital ADV Advisor
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Peter Williams: Software Developer

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