Customers are impressionable using AR technologies with devices and developers can realize their applications. Intro The platform is blockchain based and the augmented reality needs to improve customers experiences, in particular, the system has four integrated elements: – A disruptive universal advertising network; – An augmented reality marketplace; – A social platform; – Next generation […]


GigsTricks swears to resolve the relationship between clients and freelancers improving principals standards and trusting business. The platform is trying to create an improvement of current freelancing platforms, in particular, to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create a great scenario for all stakeholders involved. How Do they see the definitive project? One of the most […]

World Bank

World Bank wants to be the first agency to release public obligations created and managed through blockchain technology. It will do with the partnership of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the biggest trade bank in Australia and it contemplates to launch a 100 milions australian dollars issue of bonds. Interest rate of bond-i The bonds will have […]


LendsBay swears to resolve the problem in borrowing or lending money. The platform is an application wich is a landing environment where people can borrow or make loans to other people. Their solution makes it possibile to borrow money very quickly and easily. “NoT” list One of the main problems is the rate of borrowers, […]


ECOMI has blockchain technology in three property areas – Protection of Private Keys; – Cryptocurrency payments; – An exciting world of Digital Collectibles. ECOMI task is to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream in one user-friendly platform. The platform offers many pros of decentralization, privacy and control guaranteed with super safe controls: Secure Wallet and […]


Did you have problems with freelance works payment? WONO is the answer. WONO is a decentralized P2P platform form exchanging property and services. WONO is cryptocurrency based on Ethereum value and the interplanetary file system (IPFS) where users interact without needing an intermediary. Sharing economy model The platform it’s sharing economy based. The sharing economy […]


Swace is a Blockchain gaming social platform that uses rewards for engaging with brands The platform represents a new way of rewarding through a social gaming eco-system. It works like a game based on a mobile app where users engagement with the brand and regarded for completing a variety of tasks. The app reaches the […]

Smart Contracts

  The original idea is a series of clauses could be incorporated into the hardware and software, Szabo proposed the introduction of contracts from property rights of digital stuff. The author suggested the use of cryptographic techniques and electronic signatures make secure, traceable transactions. When’re using smart contract term you usually refers to two many […]

Carrefour Italy

When the test starts start The test will begin in September on the chicken supply chain kept outdoors and antibiotic less. The customer will have access to information on breeding and cultivation through a QR code. Blockchain technology, Carrefour emphasizes, guarantees the immutability of the recorded data and the history of supply chain information, and […]

The Blockchain in Food & Beverage

Can Blockchain work with smart agrifood? We’re used to placing Blockchain in direct correlation with bitcoin or with cryptocurrency generally. Instead, Blockchain can give an innovative answer even in terms of creating a new relationship system based on a new concept of trust entirely. A perspective that puts Blockchain at the service of the supply […]