Top 5 trends in the FinTech industry

The fintech industry is fast gaining grounds as the days roll by, and we may soon experience a complete shift in financial service methods- from the inconvenient and time wasting trends to the innovative technological routes characterized by high speed, and an unwavering efficiency. This is because the FinTech industry seems to be beaming with […]

The Evolution of Event-Driven Models

The event-driven model is a requirement that any real-time system must comply, that is, perform the action as soon as possible or at the right time. Even if each of the models is enough to model a system, they should be intermingled to improve expressiveness. The evolution of intelligent things, such as collective thinking car […]

Top FinTech Influencers in Europe

In the past few years, there has been an upsurge in the number of FinTech Companies established in Europe to influence the way people carry out their financial and business transactions. These startups help financial agencies, companies, and even individuals manage all economic aspects of their business, using new software, applications, business models, and processes. […]

Why You Need Financial Technology Experts

The introduction of FinTech into the world of finance has no doubt sparked up digital transformation in banking for both start-ups as well as existing banking platforms. This way, FinTech has been able to introduce healthy competition into the banking sector by simplifying communication, enhancing automation and bringing about speedy payment transactions across various financial […]

How To Rank a Fintech Company

Over the years, a lot of new financial technologies, Fintech companies, have been established to influence the way people carry out their financial and business transactions. These technologies are expected to make all financial services better and more efficient. The primary aim of financial technology Companies is to disrupt the mainstream payments method and offer […]

The Importance of Influencers in Brand Awareness

When we talk about influencers, they are people that have, in several ways proven to be able to convince a vast number of the public to do anything that they put forward. These classes of people have entirely of a large group of followers, most of which are loyal followers. And they abound in virtually […]

The Importance of Online Review Experts

A lot of restaurant and business owners alike are of the opinion that online reviews are not exactly necessary to customers and are not worth the time. Entirely some businesses fear that a bad review has the potential to cripple their industry. This same fear and sometimes disregard for online reviews is also transferred to […]

Top 5 Traits of Innovators

The word Innovator means merely a person that alters and creates something new into a system. A revolutionist who designs and makes notable changes that bring about new things in the society like the innovation of electric cars, motorbikes, solar energy and the rest exceptional innovations known to man. Doing things in a new way […]

Fintech in Europe

You know what Financial Technology is right? Well, if you don’t, it is merely a term that is used to demonstrate any technological solution that is built for different areas of financial services like mobile payments and online banking. That aside, the advancement of FinTech in Europe has helped in the further growth of different […]

Fintech Companies 2018

Acorns This is a mobile finance company that allows individuals or companies round up their debit or credit card purchase and invest the spare money in diversified portfolios with a low-cost index of exchange-traded funds. The “found money” program founded by duo father and son; Walter and Jeff Cruttenden are used to buy percentage from […]