FinTech & Shopping Experience

With the continuous advancements in technology, more companies and sectors are no longer just appreciating the widespread impact technology is having on life, but are also beginning to make use of this technology to enhance the working of their companies further and increase their overall productivity. At a time when Fintech was developed, it not […]

Blockchain & FinTech

The Fintech industry has been the testing ground for every new technology developed, and the latest technology; the blockchain is changing the Fintech horizon and is already creating enough disruption to the financial sector of the economy. Even though the Fintech industry survives the introduction of new technologies and software; it’s welcoming the innovations that […]


Soundeon is a music platform where music is vertically integrated and all of the music industry aspects are covered. The platform promises to regulate concert organization, ticket sales and future music assets. Soundeon provides a new type of smart contract proprietor called (CSC – Creative Smart Contract). Industry music The music industry is divided between […]

BTU Protocol

BTU protocol is Booking Token Unit, the first of its kind. As an open source decentralized protocol, BTU has been able to lead a revolution in online booking platform by giving individuals an opportunity to become a booking platform. BTU Protocol is a new protocol platform that provides the best travel and business services. It […]

Track ICO

How about an ICO platform that is meant for other ICOs? This is exactly what Track ICO is about. Track ICO is a blockchain powered and decentralized initial coin offering platform, although not in the conventional way that everybody sees ICO platforms. Track ICO is different from other ICO platforms in the sense that it […]


Set to be launched in September 2018, #be, is the blockchain based marketplace for digital people and a trademark of BE Energy International Sagl, a technology firm based in Switzerland. #be was established to address the privacy of people and their capability to control their data. Research has shown that in the last few years, […]

The FinTech Market in Europe

You know what FinTech is right? Well, if you don’t, it is merely a term that is used to demonstrate any technological solution that is built for different areas of financial services like mobile payments and online banking. That aside, the advancement of FinTech in Europe has helped in the further growth of different markets […]


Recently, most financial technology websites are reporting that consumers have reportedly lost interest in the traditional banking system, this is due to the enormous benefits Fintech startup offers it consumers by making life more comfortable through the use of digital technologies. Also, new financial technology index shows that the provision of seamless financial services online […]


In the past few years, Financial Technology has become increasingly popular due to the immense benefits it offers to both the consumers and the startup. Financial Technology Opinion shows that the rapid increase in Financial Technology firms in the emerging markets has led to the development of digitally-minded entrepreneurs. According to the new financial technology […]

FinTech Index