Founded in 1997, ATPC is a well-established firm born to meet the market demand of interacting with digital portfolios, user authentication and giving people the opportunity to make use of their fund quickly.

In the past few years, the traditional financial market which is over-regulated has been faced with increasing difficulty because the market is too complicated to absorb new changes that come with digital technologies.

Financial industries, on the other hand, are not even encouraged to integrate new digital technologies into their system due to the substantial difference between potential revenue and the necessary investment which has been very high.

In addition, the users are not left out because most of them are not involved in the decision-making process which is being handled by only a few financial operators. Banks are also not constrained to use the standard operating principles because the size of flow makes it impossible to change.

A typical example of this inefficiency by traditional operators are bank transfers. Even with all the digital equipment’s available at present, most bank customers still need to get to the bank for some types of wire transfer. The transfer is debited immediately even before the transaction has been authorized while the beneficiary may have to wait for days before obtaining the fund.

To solve this growing demand for solutions related to the world of digital payment and the decline of financial institutions, ATPC was established by its founders in 1997.

The company vision includes:

  • To be a global leader in a new model of a contemporary financial institution that maximizes technology to facilitate rapid and accurate customer-merchant interactions.
  • To make blockchain technology easy to use and integrate with everyday applications.
  • The values of the platform include customer orientation, honesty, transparency, and innovation.

Use of Blockchain Technology

ATPC hopes to make use of the blockchain system in actualizing this aim; this is because Blockchain technology allows financial data to be transferred in a small fraction of the costs incurred by traditional banks. In the past years, the blockchain system has changed and revolutionized the economic system and the concepts of trust, transaction, and ownership.

In using the blockchain system, ATPC hopes to make the platform easy to use and integrate with everyday applications. It will also provide a decentralized and distributed network of P2P which would allow anyone to create a hub for the currency conversion through a global exchange of purchase or sale distributed over the network.

Also, each hub allows the creation of multiple exchanges with additional features, which can be implemented optionally in the form of plugins.

Each website represents an exchange, which network users can sign up for in order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The operator of a hub will be the owner of all the websites linked to it.

Additional software to manage each site is not necessary, as the hub’s open source software also acts as a multi-site/multi-language web application. The website represents the interface with which the user interacts with the system. It is made with RWD so that it can also be easily used by a mobile device.

ATPC choose this system carefully because the decentralization with joint management in PoW or DPoS mode will offer excellent security in the event of unexpected breakdowns and hacker attacks.

The Token

The ATPC ecosystem will make use of the Ethereum platform in the initial phase, but at the end of the Pre-ICO, it will start with the creation of its blockchain. A total of 190.800.000 ATPC will be issued on Ethereum’s blockchain using a smart contract. Sales will be structured in three phases, Private Sale, Pre-ICO, and ICO. Also, the selling price for ATPC tokens during the ITS is set at 1 ATPC = 0.35 EURO, while special discounts will apply in Private Sale and Pre ICO. Therefore, the price of ATPC will fluctuate as measured Ethereum during the period of our ITS.


ATPC team members include the following

Moreno Zucchetti: Founder & CEO
Twitter: @more_mz

Luca Marcoli: Adviser of CEO

Simone Zambon: COO
Twitter: @ Simone Zambon

Raviteja Reddy: CIO

Andrew Farrugia: CFO
Twitter: @andrewchado


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