Fintech Review is a platform that allows you to evaluate an ICO based on a model that rewards the accuracy of the rating.

The idea behind this is that the average of n people’s predictions is more accurate than the single person’s speculation. This is until the forecasts are entirely independent and not influenced by external factors.
The focus of fintech Review is to put the right incentives for: to give life to the first real platform with independent and reliable ratings attracting experts who bring careful and thorough evaluations giving them the opportunity to have an economic compensation for their activities eliminate any kind of conflict of interest the rating is a susceptible issue, especially in the cryptocurrencies where there are multiple projects without solid underlying bases born with the sole objective of taking advantage of the ” Hype “of the moment to raise capital.

The skills required to evaluate a digital token are transversal from finance to programming, from game theory to monetary economics, and are not easy to acquire.

A multitude of small investors accordingly based and continues to base its investment decisions on the ratings resulting from the platforms that offer this service by trusting in fact of other individuals who have done it for them.

Unfortunately, however, most of the cases these individuals, companies or natural persons, are not encouraged to make a careful evaluation of the ICO since they are not paid and do not employ their capital in the ICO.

Fintech Review wants to give everyone the chance to have a rating system to trust based on the assessments of the best experts in the world who receive compensation for their work.

This will be possible thanks to the Fintech Review token.

Like the bitcoin which is the fundamental economic incentive to ensure the correct behavior of miners and to keep the blockchain ecosystem standing, the fintech Review token will be the significant economic incentive to provide proper behavior of experts and to give the possibility to transfer with the utmost transparency their competences at the service of the users.