Malta’s Cryptocurrency Regulations

It is no longer news that Cryptocurrencies together with other digital ledgers and assets are taking the center stage in the world of digital finance. We see a great deal of transactions on a daily basis going through the channels of these digital assets. Malta has shown a great interest in the regulation and operation […]

FinTech & Shopping Experience

With the continuous advancements in technology, more companies and sectors are no longer just appreciating the widespread impact technology is having on life, but are also beginning to make use of this technology to enhance the working of their companies further and increase their overall productivity. At a time when Fintech was developed, it not […]

The Cryptocurrency Market In The Last 12 Months

The cryptocurrency market has continued to display conspicuous levels of activity from over the years, characterized by a number of stable and unstable traits. These events have culminated into certainly defined indices that are now used in gauging the progress level of the overall decentralized technology, as well as a pointer to what can be […]


Customers are impressionable using AR technologies with devices and developers can realize their applications. Intro The platform is blockchain based and the augmented reality needs to improve customers experiences, in particular, the system has four integrated elements: – A disruptive universal advertising network; – An augmented reality marketplace; – A social platform; – Next generation […]


GigsTricks swears to resolve the relationship between clients and freelancers improving principals standards and trusting business. The platform is trying to create an improvement of current freelancing platforms, in particular, to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create a great scenario for all stakeholders involved. How Do they see the definitive project? One of the most […]

Blockchain & FinTech

The Fintech industry has been the testing ground for every new technology developed, and the latest technology; the blockchain is changing the Fintech horizon and is already creating enough disruption to the financial sector of the economy. Even though the Fintech industry survives the introduction of new technologies and software; it’s welcoming the innovations that […]