Fintech Companies 2018

Acorns This is a mobile finance company that allows individuals or companies round up their debit or credit card purchase and invest the spare money in diversified portfolios with a low-cost index of exchange-traded funds. The “found money” program founded by duo father and son; Walter and Jeff Cruttenden are used to buy percentage from top brands from the buyers’ […]

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Fintech Index

Credit institutions bear 30%-40% of all their expenses in order to keep the ATM network active in the region, but the percentage of customers visiting the branch is decreasing at the rate of 10% per year. The alarm was launched some time ago by the Bank of England and is common to all mature markets, albeit with percentages that vary […]

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The Relevance of Rating Agencies

Credit rating agencies basically check and determine the ability of individuals, companies, countries to pay back debt. It assesses the creditworthiness of various bodies. Now that we have an idea of what credit rating agencies are, what then are the impacts they have on businesses and economies? That is what this article aims to shed lighter upon. Below are five […]

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Issues Relating to Credit Rating Agencies

Understanding the Often-Unsatisfactory Behavior of The Rating Agencies The evidence that emerges from the analyses can lead, more than understandably, to the formation of a negative concept about the agencies, but above all, they weaken those certainties that lead to consider these organizations, essential for the proper functioning of the market. The birth of these organizations, moreover, coincides, in time, […]

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Financial Technology Index

It’s been a long time coming and finally, the Stock Market now has an official financial technology index. This index called fintech will be used to track the performance of companies that improve on financial products and services through technology. Since this aspect of the tech and finance industry grows every year, it would make sense for it to have […]

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Fintech and Blockchain

For many people, the financial technology revolution has not seemed like a revolution at all. It’s been merely an evolution of the services that they already had. Those who have always had bank accounts now also enjoy the convenience of internet banking, online shopping, and instant payments at store checkouts with their phone or card. To those same people, the […]

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Cutting-Edge FinTech Companies in Europe

We have slowly entered an era where transactions, purchases, and investments are done on a vast scale. And, the traditional banking services don’t seem to be sufficient enough. But thanks to FinTech industries, this has become a thing of the past. Now, with a smartphone that has an internet connection, financial services of different kinds can be done quickly. With […]

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Ratings and Crisis

Introduction Rating Agencies have become increasingly important over the decades, slowly but surely penetrating the “market” system and strongly influencing it. Their importance has increased exponentially since the Eighties, as the development of financial markets reinforced the need for investors to have external support such as Ratings for the need to perceive the size of the reliability of individual issuers. […]